Friday, 9 September 2011

100,000 voices.

We were told that any petition raising 100,000 signatures would be at least considered in Parliament.

Well, never mind the electrovotes, 100,000 real signatures have just been delivered to the Cameroid. My bet is he will ignore it.

Because he is weak and stupid enough to let Herman von Munster overrule his party, his government and his country.

The Clegg Party are useless, they drool at the prospect of being run by the Munster. The Moribund Party are too dim to see what is happening. There are a few MPs of various parties who do see what is happening but none of their leaders will listen to them any more than they listen to us.

We need to get out of the EU before Scotland gets independence because I have a nasty feeling Salmond would keep us in.

And then I'd have to go to all the trouble of moving house, and irritating a whole new set of neighbours.


Sue said...

E-petition scheme descends into farce: MPs can't find time for 'people power' debates'

Anonymous said...

Government policy = don't like the score, move the goalposts.

Angry Exile said...

Do you have to pay Terrance Stamp Duty to live there?

Oldrightie said...

Dictatorship decrees we are in Europe, run atrociously by Europe and our armed forces, police and bureaucrats are European Officials. Our political parties are jockeying for the best jobs (and wages) to look after the amphitheatres and concentration camps.

Anonymous said...

Now, if only we could get the same 100,000 people + 1 friend to turn up at the gates of Parliament.
Nah "strictly" starts soon.

Leg-iron said...

Sue - I don't think they expected any kind of response.

Anon - the goalposts are out of sight by now.

Angry Exile - I don't think people pay to live there. I think they get sent there as a punishment.

Oldrightie - I don't even give them that much credit for foresight. They're just doing it for the money.

Anon - even if it could be arranged, they've banned protests at Parliament.

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