Friday, 9 September 2011

Smoking ban kills again.

The smoking ban has claimed another victim.

Why was he smoking on the roof? Well, there is no place to smoke indoors, and if he went down to the street he would have had to face the hand-waving fake-coughing Government-approved whiners.

This is not one of the pretend deaths claimed for SHS. The smoking ban has killed many more than SHS has ever done. Yet our government is quite happy to let this continue.

That's another notch on your score stick, ASH. Another glass raised at the next BMA conference too. You must all be very proud.


banned said...

Some dizzy bint was on Radio 2 yesterday demanding that the homes of all all baby adopters be "smoke free" because 2nd hand smoking causes X00 cot deaths a year plus 200 from meningitis. This went unchallenged by the presenter and the opposition speaker (whose point was that a smokig home is still better than an orphanage).

Leg-iron said...

There is no evidence of any link between smoking and cot death, and meningitis is caused by virus or bacterial infection, not by smoke, which is in fact antibacterial.

The alleged 'smoke supporters' never seem to bring that up. The presenters are too dim to grasp anything beyond their pay packets, but those 'smoke supporters' aren't up to the job.

Perhaps I should offer training sessions.

JuliaM said...

I've given up the Jeremy Vine show. I can't afford the radios I keep throwing out of the office window...

Leg-iron said...

I gave up listening to radio even before I gave up on television. Imagining the smug faces was even worse than seeing them.

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