Monday, 5 September 2011

Off to pickling class.

Smoky-Drinky tonight and it's a big one. A fiftieth birthday party for a serious boozer. I have to take two bottles along, one for a present and one for general drink.

The present will be Sailor Jerry spiced rum. He likes spiced rum, I hate it, so I can guarantee I won't be drinking the present I bought him. That would be terrible. Is it a good rum? I've no idea. What the hell, by the time I get there he'll be too pissed to care.

So I won't be back online this evening - I hope. If I am, I'll probably write something I'll regret in the morning!

There are Emails accumulating to be answered, some long ones too, and I know I'm slow at that. I'll get to them, eventually.

For tonight, oblivion beckons. It's my brain's night off.


Amusing Bunni said...

Have a super fun time, Leggy! I hope you won't be hung over tomorrow ;-)

David Davis said...

What a good and kind chap you are, old fellow. I should love to meet up with you sometime.

I have a (very nice and charming) lady student starting at Aberdeen this September. Is it safe to introduce her to you or not?

The spambot sayd "fograp". I'll take my chance and hope that's not what goes on in your town's clubs. or else I'll warn her.

David Davis said...

I don't know her policy-position on smokies, but I suspect she's a "not". Drinkies? She likes gin and rum. That'll probably offend you.

Anonymous said...

I trust that your smoky-drinky has proper ventilation - think the alcohol fumes!


icingsp - "I can gasp". Not bad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9pm Tues 6th Sep.

Still not surfaced yet, LI??!!

(Sorry about the 'bla' - bit of trouble signing in).

Humph said...

Maybe he's drunk himself into oblivion? I hope not.

pain in the neck said...


i heard, from an impeccable source, that this morning he tried to sneak out of his girlfriend's flat in his socks so as not to wake her, but slipped on the polished wood stairs, went arse-over-tit and did himself a mischief.

Leg-iron said...

To oblivion - and beyond!

Tonight it's smoky-worky, easy on the drinky. I'll be back later.

sing a song of sick ponses - a pocketful of brown sauce (directed by ingmar burgerman) said...


not so, i fact, he went down the pub with his mate, found a wallet rammed with cash under the table and handed it in to the landlord for safe-keeping - unfortunately the slimy old drunken git never even attempted to return the property to its rightful owner, but instead chipped straight down the local knocking-shop for a bonanza shagfest. it turns out that the notes were mislaid as the result of an actual bodily robbery, the victim has now heard what transpired (on the grapevine), and there's and awful stink on. apparently our good friend, having discharged his civic duty by rendering the wodge to the publican, has decided not to get involved further, and, through no fault of his own, is being forced to lie low until the dust settles.

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