Sunday, 4 April 2010


I have several Zippo lighters. Including Cutter's Choice and Golden Virginia brass ones.

Soon I will have one of these.

Who says smokers have no sense of humour?


manwiddicombe said...

I once found a shop that sold disposable lighters for each of the signs of the zodiac, similar to but not this. Even though it isn't my birth sign I picked up a handful of "Cancer".

PT Barnum said...

Nice! I have:
1) a coffin-shapred pocket ashtray;
2) a tobacco tin with a sticker which reads 'More acceptable than w*nking'.
That lighter could complete the set.

JuliaM said...

Good old Zippo! Are they still the only ones that will fire up even in a howling gale?

Anonymous said...

Excellent - you also want the one John Wayne used to give to the troops in Vietnam that had 'Fuck Communism' inscribed on it.

Leg-iron said...

manwiddicombe - that's a great idea. I'll look out for those.

PT Barnum - a coffin shaped ashtray? A definite must-have.

JuliaM - they do light in a gale but it's not a good idea. A six-foot horizontal flame can be a bit scary.

Anon - there really should be a shop dedicated to all these things.

PT Barnum said...

Sadly the online shop I acquired my coffin-shaped ashtray from no longer stocks it. They do however still do a nice line in stickers for...well, anywhere ;)

Anonymous said...

I was just browsing the BNP site today to see what thier view is on the smoking ban. I came accros this article from 2009.

In it Nick Griffin clearly states:

"For a start we’d end the smoking ban, abolish business rates for pubs, slash the duty on beer served in licensed premises."

So its BNP for me then!

firey cross said...

Bought a zippo lighter in Port Stanley , Falklands in 1987 for my dad and it still fires up no probs. Has my squadron crest on it ( 23(F )Eagle Sqn Phantoms).
My dad is long since dead but I noticed yesterday that my mum had polished it and given it pride of place on the mantlepiece on my dad's birthday.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Love the Zippos always had one as a smoker

But this is my Ash Tray

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