Thursday, 29 April 2010

State Thuggery and Child Abuse.

Not much time tonight, have to be up early and fairly awake for most of the day tomorrow. Normal chattery service will resume by the weekend. Some things just have to be vented so...

There have been reports that Count Mandelstein has tried to keep his patchwork creation away from public gaze. The Brown Gorgon has been restricted to talking to pre-brainwashed Labour drones and not allowed to mingle with the mumblers, lest he do something silly.

Well, now we know why. It seems Count Mandelstein was right. That 'racist-Nazi-bigot' shoutdown isn't just for the drones. It goes right to the top. He really should have used a better quality brain but then it had to be a Labour brain so I suppose the choice was limited.

Is it simply that the Count installed the Gorgon's brain upside down? No, that lack of compassion and the urge to treat their voters as scum is, it seems, a natural Labour trait. They really can't help themselves.

Then there is their great concern for 'the cheeldren' which translates as 'leave the thugs to batter their children to death and steal the children of normal people'. Mrs. Rigby draws an interesting comparison on the subject. JuliaM has the tale of the unlit cigarette and the woman who smells compensation. If it had been a cockroach she would fail. Because it's a cigarette and there's a child involved, I'm betting she wins.

Incidentally, the saga of the stolen child continues at Smoky-Drinky. There was a hearing this week, I'll find out what happened next week. The smoky-drinky grandfather was barred from the hearing. Not by the council, by his son, who knows too well what is likely to happen if the council get stroppy.

These mindless thugs never, ever learn. The latest is the story of the child whose mother sent him to nursery with a cheese sandwich. Nothing wrong with that. Plenty of protein, calcium and carbohydrate in there. Ah, but the nursery staff deemed it 'unhealthy' and stole it. Yes, I said stole it and that is exactly what they did. They stole a two-year-old's lunch. I expect they feel very proud of their actions. Really, I honestly believe they feel very proud indeed because that is the sort of filth our government and councils think are the right sort of people to be caring for children.

The parents removed their child and now take him to another nursery. Wigan council, who run the Righteous enclave dedicated to malnourishing growing children and bullying them into submission, had this to say:

A spokesman for Wigan Council, which runs the nursery, said: 'The centre has a list of recommended healthy food, according to national guidelines, which children are encouraged to eat. A cheese sandwich would not feature on the list.'

It's not on the list, and if it's not on the list, you can't have it. No trace of regret or apology for the theft of a two-year-old's lunch. Just Righteous self-justification. They even have the cheek to invite the family to send their child back to this den of torment and despair.

Children are growing. They should not be on fruit and veg diets. They need a lot more food per body weight than an adult. Cheese is a good food for children and for anyone else (other than those with dairy allergies, obviously) but especially children - growing bones need calcium. No wonder there's so much rickets around. The kids don't get out in the sunshine so are short of vitamin D and they are fed on calcium-free fruit and vegetables. No red meat, no cheese, nothing to help those bones grow. What are these cretins trying to create - a generation of no use for anything but a nationwide game of croquet? Stand in a line, kids, while the Health Monster takes his shot.

Westfield's manager, Aukje Clegg, said: 'The decision to remove the child from the centre was taken by the parents.

It was the right decision. If you have a child in the care of this deranged lunatic, I advise you to move them elsewhere as soon as possible. Unless you fancy a game of croquet and are short of a hoop.

The national dietary guidelines are a one-size-fits-nobody set of made-up numbers and are, in many cases, actually dangerous if followed to the letter. Never, ever leave your child in the care of a lunatic who believes that claptrap.

And I mean, really, are you honestly happy leaving your child in the care of someone who will steal a two-year-old's lunch and then attempt to justify it?

They do not care at all about your children. They do not care at all about the harm they do.

They care only about control. At any cost.

In a week's time they will ask you to vote for more torment and pain. Do you really, really want more of this? Really? Not only will you get a lot more of it, you'll be paying more for it too.

Time to look outside the Big Three. Well outside.

For the cheeeldren.


JuliaM said...

You'll note, L-I, that this is one of those Sure Start places that the government (and Polly Toynbee, among others) considers such a success. Now we know why...

"And I mean, really, are you honestly happy leaving your child in the care of someone who will steal a two-year-old's lunch and then attempt to justify it?"

Oh, yes. Some of them will be. The ones that apparantly complained to the nursery that it asn't 'right' that this child had a cheese sandwich when theirs were given fruit.

Good little Labour drones, all...

Sir Henry Morgan said...

BIGOT = Brown Is Gone On Thursday

Timdog said...

I tell you what, if anyone were ever to pull this kind of shit with one of my kids I would go absolutely ballistic, which would probably result in a round of re-education for me. Bloody lucky I live in Switzerland where I reckon you could get away with sticking a raclette machine and some cheese in a kid's rucksack for his snack.

This is why the Bigot story is so important. Labour have spent 13 years making this kind of society, where being offended is a birthright and the Righteous know best. So when he drops a bollock, he is rightly punished. The pity is, had this not been just before an election, she'd probably be in court now for some sort of hate crime. She should sue the fucker and his party for defamation, she wouldn't win but I'm sure she could get a fund together, and it would maybe wake some people up as to how the UK works now.

Did you see this by the way?
Such bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Leg-iron

I am more convinced now that the nice Mr Cameron does not want to win the election but the Establishment do want him to. The only way to force Mr Cameron to look good is by making that nice Mr Brown look worse.

Mr Brown seems to be helping - so maybe he doesn't want to win the election either.

Plainly the Establishment don't want Mr Clegg...


Dr Evil said...

A spokesweasel for this benighted shower of thieves apparently said it was the other parents who objected as their kids were getting fruit and this boy had something different. It seems that being different or thinking for yourself itsn't allowed by the communists in government.

These nursery thieves should look up what guide as in guidelines means. They are not rules to be followed to the letter but ideas and suggestions only.

A chese sandwich is pretty healthy really, full of calcium, protein, carbohydrate and some fat (which of course we do require in our diet) plus all the vitamins you expect to find in a milk-based product. Also those pesky bacteria used in fermentation supply B group vitamins too. The morons who made this list of healthy foods are of course woefuly ignorant, brainwashed drones. If it was my child these thieves would have received the above message with a vengeance.

Young Mr. Brown said...

They confiscated a cheese sandwich???

I dread to think what they would have done with a marmalade sandwich. Not much protein or calcium there. And lots of sugar.

Angry Squaddie said...

I thought it was Maggie Thatcher who stole dairy products?

I fucking wish she'd come back and show these Labour arseholes how to do it properly!


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