Friday, 9 April 2010

Other people's stuff.

As I said two posts ago, in my neck of the woods there is little issue with immigration. I live where few people (even the Scots) want to live, because I don't like people especially those who live next door, and I can stand the annual permafrost and darkness. Once in a while we get a brilliant view of the Aurora which makes up for it. And summers are all-night boozing in the garden without lights. Blue sky all night in mid-June makes it all worthwhile.

In other parts of the UK it is very different, as the Boggart describes. Note that it is not 'the minorities' who do this, it is done on their behalf whether they want it or not. They just get the blame. Those who do these things are never named, and certainly never blamed. Nonsmokers take note - I know you aren't the ones forcing me out of everywhere, I know who it is. They will be held accountable.

We see little of the police here unless it's the end of the month and they have unticked boxes, but at least ours are not dim enough to announce the date of a 'crackdown' in advance, with obvious consequences.

And it's back to the Boggart for a very nice precis of what happens to pubs. We have a Pubs Monster now, so this will accelerate.

Angryteen has noticed Sir Lying Tomlinson and has noticed exactly what everyone sensible should notice about him. That he is, in fact, Sir Lying Torquemada.

That'll do for now. More later.

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