Monday, 12 April 2010

No change.

Via Dick Puddlecote:

Labour Manifesto, April 2010: "The ban on smoking in public places will be maintained."

Can we expect the Tories to listen?


How you gonna vote? SmokeBusters? DrinkBusters? SaltBusters? FatBusters? BurgerBusters?

Or perhaps, for someone who doesn't despise you?

It would be a nice change, don't you think?

I wish those other parties would get their posters online. What are they afraid of?


Sue said...

You can browse some here.

Leg-iron said...

At the bottom of this one, it says 'Something wrong with this page'?


Anonymous said...


Sue said...

NOOO! Although, I bet some of the righteous would love to do stop UKIP campaigning. At least UKIP will reverse the no smoking ban!

Anonymous said...

Daily Telegraph Debate 2010 - "The Smoking Ban should be repealed" (in their "What issue do you think is important ?"poll). Only 20 votes so far (and 7 against, and it's festering on the 3rd page.) Let's get this on the first page - we only need a few dozen votes!

Anonymous said...

Can't find the smoking ban proposal.

Anonymous said...

If the link doesn't work, it's under the section "If they promised to do one thing, what would it be?" section, about halfway down the page.

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