Friday, 2 April 2010


Not much from me tonight. Knackered, getting ready for visitors tomorrow and making sure everything that really has to be written is written before they get in the way. Everything is complete and just in time.

I did notice the Brown Gorgon has resurrected the 'Racist' shoutdown for anyone mentioning immigration. He hasn't yet realised that it stopped working a long time ago and only served to boost the BNP vote. So it's no wonder his MPSs aren't putting his name on their campaign literature. He's not campaigning for Labour. So, the trolls will no doubt be itching to visit here and here. Deep breath, and remember how it goes? That's it. 'Racist-Nazi-bigot'.

Today was April Fool's day and I was damned if I could spot the deliberate lunacy in among all the usual stuff. Pub Curmudgeon found one that I would never have taken to be a spoof. It's totally believable from this government. And the next one too. The one spotted by Mummylonglegs wasn't a spoof but just how is anyone to tell these days?

I mean, I even wondered about the Duck Separator from Firebox. Yes, it's a spoof but wouldn't you just love to have one at a duck pond? It would give the Stasi a nervous breakdown. Arrested for wrongful imprisonment of a duck. If there's not already a law against it, there will be tomorrow.

Well, that's it for the night. All the work is done so once those visitors go to sleep tomorrow, I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Leg-Iron, I only have to read your titles to crack up!

microdave said...

Interestingly on Question Time last night the Home Secretary claimed that the Liebor party welcomed debate on immigration. He was very effectively rebuffed by a member of the audience, who pointed out that anyone doing so was automatically accused of racism!

Mrs Rigby said...

Nope, no trolls yet. It didn't work!

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