Thursday, 29 April 2010

Labour car crashes, including one in real time.

I learned a lot about Campylobacter today. I hadn't realised it could invade the body tissues of poultry, especially the liver and the muscle. In my grandmother's day it was never a problem because she cooked chicken until you could smash the skin with a fork, and every work surface was spotless at all times.

These days, the problem is less with the home cooking and more with production. There is nothing that can be done during processing, not because there is nothing that can be done but because EU rules don't allow anything that can be done, to be done. Good old EU, eh?

Many producers are in denial, some make silly claims such as 'organic birds don't get Campylobacter' or that they only get some mythical 'benign' form. The supermarket buyers want something done but won't increase their price to the farmer, so the farmer can't afford to do anything. Profit margins in poultry farming are desperately thin. So there is an air of denial around the problem which is gradually breaking down.

The air of denial around the Labour party shows no such signs of breaking. They banned common sense years ago and have really thrown themselves into the role of reality-deniers with total dedication.

One week before the election, the Gorgon insults a pensioner then issues apology after apology without ever actually apologising. That's pretty bad but was anyone really surprised? Many of his voterdrones will shrug it off as 'well, he's a bit of a git but he's not a Tory' and vote for him anyway. Even though he is considerably richer than many Tories.

His snide and spiteful attitude towards the electorate is reflected in his party at all levels, and now they are on Twitter they can really let the stupidity rip. So we have one of them quipping 'I guess we have lost the bigot vote' without realising that for the past thirteen years, they have called everyone in the country a bigot. So I hope they have lost those 'bigot' votes. That's all of them.

Daniel Zeichner plays the 'I am superior and I have the Power of Smug. Watch me sneer at the proles' game, accompanied by a picture that really does match his words. Unfortunately he's up against Old Holborn in this election and OH is not going to let the matter drop. Not for a moment.

Then we have the Labour candidate who has been arrested and bailed for suspected drink-driving after crashing into a roundabout. She discharged herself from hospital and plans to continue her campaign because it's such a little thing. Nobody will notice. Besides, she is on bail until July 10th, and if she can get elected before then she'll claim Labour MP immunity from prosecution. There are still people who will vote for her, you know.

Finally, the sublime expert in avoiding reality herself, the Twitter Tsar of the Labour Party, the master of the online message, she who directs the Labour technophobes in blogging and twittering, has been referred to the Electoral Commission for publishing postal vote results a week early.

So the Gorgon's gaffe is relegated well down the stupid list for Labour this week. It was a thoughtless comment from a mindless buffoon and nobody at all was surprised that he did it, denied it, spun it, shifted blame and weaselled a false apology. He's been doing the same thing for years. The two follow-up morons who don't realise that insulting the electorate isn't going to win them votes have the Gorgon beaten. His remark was made without thinking. They not only thought about theirs, they considered them the height of wit.

I think crashing your car, being arrested and bailed on suspicion of drink-driving and then carrying on with your campaign as if nothing has happened trumps those. Especially if you are campaigning on behalf of a party who insist they are going to do something about such things.

Top prize for stupid must surely go to young Kerry McCarthy. This was not an off-the-cuff smartass comment made when she thought nobody was listening. This was not a continuation of Labour's unending 'shout down dissent by being intolerably smug and calling everyone a bigot' campaign. This was not a 'Roundabout? What roundabout?' moment.

She really did send out the postal vote results she'd seen, on her Twitter account. Listed, with numbers.


Seven days to go. Can they top this? Can they possibly come up with anything to exceed the level of stupidity they've shown in just the last couple of days?

If anyone can, Labour can.

And yet there are people still voting for them! I mean, there's stupid and then there's just plain dense.


Bit Iffy said...

Cock-up or conspiracy?

Seems like the Election no-one wants to win (apart from the boy who would be PM Clegg).

Mrs Rigby said...

Can they top this?


They cancelled a local election in Norfolk.

Angry Exile said...

Was the car crash one really pissed? Or was it a cry for help having suddenly come to the realisation of what sort of party and leader she was standing for?

Leg-iron said...

Bit iffy - This might explain why they seem to want to foist power on Clegg.

Mrs. R. - I'm sure they haven't played their ace card yet. Whatever it is, it'll be a doozy.

Angry Exile - she hasn't been charged as yet. But then, Labour's elite rarely are. Maybe she was sober and just a crap driver but on past Labour form, it's not going to look good either way.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

It's the Kerry McCarthy one that bugs me. In my borough I'm on postal-vote-opening-duty for my party. Sat there all day watching 11,600 postal votes being opened and immediately placed face down. Never even saw the result of any of them. The same will happen tomorrow. Sat, Tues, Wed, and even Thursday - polling day. It'll be the same every day.

So how come that tart gets to see them so well she even gets to count them? There's more corruption in this than we imagined.

Anonymous said...

Please spread that comment around to everyone who'd be seriosly interested.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Anonymous = Sir Henry Morgan, in that particular case

wv - foodisyc ... I think you might like that one LI.

Leg-iron said...

Sir Henry - on her site she says she has apologised and that is the end of the matter in her mind. She also states that anyone reproducing her tweet would be breaking the law.

She has just posted vote results for global availability and she is warning the rest of us to shut up about it!

Unfortunately, this bag no longer contains a cat.

No point commenting over there. She won't let them through if she doesn't like them.

Antipholus Papps said...

this bag no longer contains a cat

Schrödinger's Tweet!

Frank Davis said...

I was much more shocked by Kerry McCarthy than Gordon Brown. What he did was just plain ordinary two-facedness. But what she did displays complete contempt for voting laws - which she obviously regards herself as being above. And we she regards as a game ("Game on!"). It's not a game.

I really think she should be sent to prison. I don't just say that because I detest her, but because I think that ANY politician who behaves like that should be taught a lesson they'll never forget.

Leg-iron said...


Yonder cat lies bereft of its bag.

Shakespeare's tweet ;)

Frank - she has taken the line that she apologised and that's that - but anyone reminding the world of her crime should be prosecuted.

I hope she is going to get a vary big and very nasty surprise but I'm not holding my breath.

They have demonstrated, time and again, how the laws they impose on us don't apply to them.

Chuckles said...

In what passes for minds in the discussed groupings, the laws were passed for specific reasons and to apply to specific people and groups.

Thinks - I'm not one of those people or a member of one of those groups, therefore it doesn't apply to me.

John Pickworth said...

Bloody hell LI, are you writing Labour's campaign script?

Friday April 30th:

Car crash at Labour event attended by 10 cabinet ministers

Worse, it appears Labour's poster unveiling event was the distraction that contributed to the crash.

Big Ears best friend said...

You are teasing us!

When I Google "Harriet Harman"+campylobacter in future I will not get what i am looking for.

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