Monday, 12 April 2010

Training the Electorate.

Soon, you can expect to see a slop bucket in your staff canteen and if you work where you are allowed to eat at your desk, there'll be one in the office too. When you fall foul of Labour's law against stepping on the cracks in the pavement, with its mandatory five-year prison term, you'll be well trained for prison life.

I thought Parliament was dissolved and that they shouldn't be making up laws now? Well, they can't help themselves, it seems.

What's it for, this slop collection? It can't be composted. Meat and bones don't compost, they just rot. Even if it's picked up once a week, it will contain stuff that was already 'off' when it went in the bucket and a week at room temperature is enough to make any leftover food deadly. So it can't be used for animal feed either. Filtering out the bones and any other sharp bits would make it uneconomic. The heat and processing required to render it into something safe to feed to an animal would make a mockery of any 'green' claims.

They can't be composting it and they can't be using it in animal feed. Perhaps they are about to set up the Soylent Corporation?

Or maybe it's just more obedience training?

RantinRab mentioned the design specifications for outdoor smoking shelters. They are very specific. Very specific indeed. If you set up an outdoor shelter and it doesn't fit the guidelines, you have to tear it down and start again. You also need planning permission in many cases. You don't need permission for a garden shed, but you can't let smokers use a shed. Nor can you let them use a gazebo if it has sides. You are not permitted to smoke in a tent.

The shelter must be at least 50% open to the elements. It must not be enclosed. You can't dodge it by setting one open side facing a wall or fence because that would shield the smokers from the wind, and that's not allowed. All of the potential problems listed on that page can be solved by designating an indoor room as a smoking room but that is not even considered.

Antismokers - tell me why? It's a smoking shelter, it's already outside, you have absolutely no interest in going anywhere near it so why do you insist that it cannot be in any way a pleasant place to be? Is it because if it's pleasant, you might want to use it? If smokers had a greenhouse to sit in, with comfy chairs and tables for drinks, you'd just burn with envy, wouldn't you? Your spitemeter would go off the scale. They can't have that. They are smokers.

So, let's hear the 'why' of it. Second hand smoke is of no relevance here because it's a smoking shelter. Third hand smoke is of no relevance because if smoking shelters were enclosed and pleasant, you'd hardly ever see us inside the pub anyway. Even the smell is irrelevant - if it's enclosed, you'd get less smoke coming your way, not more. So why the vicious insistence that smokers suffer? Is it really simple spite? Is that really all you have now?

Or maybe it's more obedience training?

Jimmy Freedom pointed out the story of the Aberdeen homeless-hostel that might be given an exemption from the no-smoking-indoors spite. There's not much of the story available there because it's a pay-site, and I'm not paying.

A tyrant councillor has already decided that Rules are Rules and this must not be allowed. I hope it is, I hope the Righteous get their special treatment for those poor pets of theirs, because then they can explain why they are demanding a ban in private homes while exempting those who don't have homes...

The smoking ban is not about health. It is obedience training. So is all the rest of it.

Sometimes they push the training too far. Political correctness has now officially killed more people than passive smoking. And yet the events which led to that death are actively encouraged.

Sometimes they overestimate the extent of that training, to the point where they believe they can use medical records for party political purposes and we won't mind. The training continues until we cease to question anything.

Rules for some, not for others. It makes no sense - why can one person do something but another will be arrested for doing the same thing?

Don't ask questions.

Obey. Keep obeying.

It's not going to change next month.


subrosa said...

No it's not going to change and neither am I. I'll happily go to prison for smoking because I'll have food and warmth courtesy of the taxpayer. Plus of course I'll be able to smoke.

At times I'm nearly pleased I'm the age I am.

Bill Sticker said...

Slop buckets in the workplace? Well, if you run out of prison space for all the new criminal offences you've created over the past 13 years, just turn the whole damn country into a prison.


Anonymous said...

You Missed One. Can't have smokers polluting the air in the Summer, when the righteous wish to sit outside with their carrot juices. God knows where this will all end, if these Socialists manipulate their way into power once more.

JuliaM said...

It's not the socialist in the big house with the giant clock tower though, is it?

It's the socialists, the progressives and the Righteous in all the town halls, education departments and police headquarters around the country.

They are the ones that have the potential to make our lives a misery. How do we start to root out them?

Uncle Marvo said...

You're searching for something that isn't there.

"It makes no sense."

Correct. It makes none.

But some people (look on Twitter) are SO pro-Labour that they are spouting the mantra every few minutes.

"It makes no sense."

No, Leg, not to me either.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Obedience training:

You have been sitting, Leg-iron.

Time for walkies.

Obey - or else.

carbchick said...

wait ... so this smoking shelter isn't legal?

Gareth said...

"Antismokers - tell me why?"

Erm... to save smokers from secondhand smoke? I can't work it out either.

almighty said...

as ive mentioned before, here in singapore they have goldfish bowls that are fully airconned and inside the club or pub with glass fronts so all you have to do is step in with your drink have a smoke while still in view of all the totty, what?
because these guys know that if you have to go outside you will probably go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

The planning permission and subsequent inspections at various stages of erecting the smoking shelters will be a nice little earner for the councils - and, of course, they'll need more staff to man the planning departments.

It's a combination of divide and conquer and obedience training. Set one group against another, to keep the populace off balance. Make the rules so confusing that nobody knows whether or not he'll be targeted - again, to keep the populace off balance.

Then, only the state can make decisions because logic doesn't apply.

Anonymous said...

How do we start to root out them?

By infiltrating, just as they did. We'll have to apply for those jobs, as they become vacant, with our own disguised agendas. Then we can subvert them from the inside.

Jimmy Freedom said...

Anonymous said...

They can fucking ram their fucking slop buckets up their self righteous fucking arses!

In fact I'm going to stop recycling as well! Fuck 'em.

In other news that has made me furious today - MPs facing charges of theft granted Legal Aid!!!

Anonymous said...

More divide and conquer with Labour's manifesto pledge to allow people to apply for ASBOs for troublesome neighbours....


cornyborny said...

Re slop buckets: well, gee whizz. Guess which enormous, stinking, bright blue elephant in the room the Telegraph somehow fails to mention in its so-called 'news' so-called 'report'?

I wonder just which supranational organisation's bullshit rules (which none of us have ever voted on) mean that "the growing costs of landfill tax means it is becoming increasingly costly to dump rubbish in holes in the ground"?

It's a mystery and no mistake.

Oh, and Friends of the Earth can fuck right off too.

Biffo said...

Bill Stickers - I thought they had already turned it into a nationwide prison? Certainly feels like it when you've had a few days away from the obedience training & actually relax in a country that isn't Britain & the return here.....

Anonymous said...

Smokers banned from a smoking shelter
It could only happen in Swindon

Leg-iron said...

Bill Sticker - if they turn the whole country into a prison... means we can smoke in it.

You have to love those unintended consequences.

Leg-iron said...

Dazed and Confused - I've experienced that one the last few years. We claimed our spaces when there was snow on them and we don't move when the sun comes out.

Leg-iron said...

Carbchick - damn, I'd have that in my garden. It's legal as long as only 50% of the sides, or less, are enclosed.

Good to see someone using some imagination.

Personally I'd design something that looks like a children's play area and designate it as a smoking shelter.

That might be because we've had the ban a year longer here and we've developed an extra year's worth of vengeance.

Leg-iron said...

Cornyborny - The politicians can see that elephant. They're feeding it.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - the smokers should stay. Then that rare white dove would become a very rare yellow one ;).

Coooo. Cooo-hack hack-ooo.

Anonymous said...

I actually found a pub/restaurant with a quite decent outdoor smoking "room". I'm not saying where it is just in case it might possibly be illegal! It is a hexagonal wooden structure with a proper roof, bench seating round the walls, a table in the middle and glass panels on one side against the prevailing wind. When seated your head is below wall height, best I've ever come across.

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