Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I have a big meeting on Thursday which is a two-in-one. A sort of 'project rollover' meeting with double the work available. That's ages away so I've been preparing gradually.

Today I had an Email asking if I can make it to another meeting tomorrow, on an entirely different project. Well of course I can, I charge for meetings whether I get the work or not.

It does mean no time for blogging tonight. Deadlines I can cope with, but under-24-hour deadlines are cutting it fine even by my standards!

Until tomorrow...


subrosa said...

Good luck.

Amusing Bunni said...

It's nice to be so in demand to make some money! Rest up and have a great week, L-I.

JuliaM said...

No-one can afford to turn down paid work ( not with what's coming ) and blogging doesn't pay any bills!

subrosa said...

Here's a local blog for you. I've only just found it so no idea if he's a righteous person.

Leg-iron said...

AB and Julia - I'll work while it's there and hopefully rebuild the reserves that were hit hard last year. Then it's whisky and cigars time in the garden again.

Subrosa - it's probably the only Doric blog out there. Most of his comments are spot on. Castlegate is full of amazing architecture but it makes you nervous to be there.

Perhaps he needs a bit of a prod.

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