Thursday, 29 April 2010

Anonysmoking down under.

A tip from Timdog in comments, two posts back, leads to this.

Yes, those wacky Aussies will soon be Anonysmoking with a pack of Godknowswhatsinhere-Filter-Tips and while smoking, they can learn about gas gangrene. Our Righteous have not blamed that one on smoking yet but now the BBC have pointed it out, it'll soon be here too. Along with those packs that claim smoking causes ageing and children and volcanoes and all sorts of other things, soon it will also make your toes drop off. Doesn't worry me in the slightest.

Before someone pops up in antismoking glee to tell me that smoking does indeed cause gangrene, please bear in mind that I am a microbiologist running my own research business and am fully aware of what causes gangrene. As are those doctors who tell you it's caused by smoking. They know, perfectly well, what really causes it. No, the bacteria involved cannot survive burning and if they could, I have never met anyone who held their cigarette in their toes.

It is cold comfort to learn that Australia's government contains no more intelligence than our own. There's no point fleeing to Australia then. They are fully under Righteous lunacy too.

Smoking kills 15,000 Australians every year and is the largest preventable cause of disease and death in the country.

Wait until you lot get an NHS. Smoking just can't compete with that. Even Stalin looks on awestruck.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is to hold elections this year, aims to cut smoking-related deaths to under 10% by 2018.

He said his government made no apology for the measures.

Spot the difference between Australian Labour and UK Labour? Well, so far this Ruddy idiot has not been caught calling his electorate bigots and none of his MPs have so far tweeted postal vote results a week before the election. There is time, though.

He is hammering a large chunk of his electorate just before an election and states that he makes no apology for it. I trust the Australian smokers will make no apology for flushing his party straight down the thunderbox, followed by a good helping of last night's barbie and beer.

What is this deal with the plain packaging? I don't care what colour the pack is. I want what's inside. I don't collect the little packets because they are no use. They are merely convenient containers.

The colours on the packets do not mesmerise children. Only the most backward of feeble thinkers believe that. it is not about the children. It is not even about smoking. It is all about this:

"This will be the most hard-line regime for cigarette packaging anywhere in the world."

The Ruddy idiot wants to introduce the most hard-line regime in the world, in Australia. It should come as no surprise to anyone. Socialists love to impose hard-line regimes and if there are any Australians reading who think they will stop at smoking, take a close look at the UK news any day of the week. Smoking was just the start of it here and it will be just the start of it over there too. That hard-line regime will soon get you fined for feeding the ducks, declared a terrorist for taking a photograph or arrested for defending yourself against criminals.

If you smoke and you vote for a party that has declared you a non-person, you are insane. No matter which Righteous party gets in you will suffer more and more.

Choose a party that will let you live your life your way and vote for them. When you are told 'it's a wasted vote' take a close look at who is telling you that.

It's the same party that is beating you up, every day, isn't it?

Smokers, get out there and vote for an end to the constant battering and the relentless persecution. If you don't vote for your own freedom, nobody is going to do it for you.

Or you can refuse to vote, stay home, and wait for the Smoke Police to kick your door in.

It's up to you.


Angry Exile said...

Leg-iron, you've missed the real point of the policy ;-) He wants everyone smoking chop-chop instead. The high price of the legit fags will make the low overhead tax-free illegal chop-chop look much more attractive, and since it comes in plain bags the change from branding to blanding on regular smokes will level the playing field. I have to admit I'm fucked if I know why but the chop-chop growers and sellers are surely the ones who are going to benefit most.

subrosa said...

You've just reminded me. I watched QT earlier and Janet Street Porter mentioned she wanted politicians to keep out of her life (slightly more verbosely).

Not one clap from the audience.


Leg-iron said...

Angry Exile - He'll want the smokers on the high-risk stuff. Illnesses will increase and he can then say 'See? Told you it was bad'.

It works for all the other drugs. Heroin cut with Vim is much more likely to cause a drug-related death than a properly made, regulated product.

Life means nothing to these people. Control at any cost, that's their goal.

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - it's been turned around. Instead of 'Look what they are doing to me, and now they want to do it to you too', the mindset has become 'Well, they do it to me so why should you get off scot-free?'

There are a lot of examples in the newspaper comments. I'll look some out.

TheFatBigot said...

I saw Vim for sale in a local shop recently, hadn't seen it for years. It's a surprise it hasn't been renamed Cim.

smokervoter said...

If smokers wanted to they could change the outcome of the election. They've got every reason on earth to do so. I can't think of another group of citizens who've been more politically skewered. And I can't think of another group of voters who have more potential at their yellowed fingertips than smokers to change things. Woe be me to stick my meddling Yankee nose into the affairs of the UK, but I care very much. A sea change in your country could wash ashore into our November elections like a tsunami. An upset victory for the UKIP or the Libertarians, borne out of smokers piling in en masse could influence our smoking voters to rise up as well. I understand there are 15 million potential votes out there waiting to reverse the tide in your country.

Democrat Barack Obama, the American smoker's worst nightmare, won by 9.5 million votes over the Republican nominee. The Dem's are officially the antismoking party, you don't need to do much research to come to this conclusion. Well, 5 million fewer votes for him and 5 million more votes for his opponent would have tipped the scales, it's that simple. Seeing as there are about 50 million smokers in the US and most are of voting age, that's not a very tall order.

You're so right. Smokers that sit out the election, or vote for a party that turns around and whips them like a dog are simply stark, raving mad. I personally see no reason whatsoever why one single smoker would ever vote for a Democrat (our version of Labour).

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that your country surprises the world with a game changing election result, brought about by 15 million pissed off smokers doing the right thing by voting out the bastards who've stuck it to us for way too long.

will jones said...

I have a theory that posits that Australia is politically about 10 years behind the UK. Everything that has happened over there is set to come here in soon.

Labor over here wax lyrical about looking to Asia, casting aside our colonial chains (despite them being absent for over a century); they are as anglophobic as your Labour, and have convinced most of this country to be ashamed of its British heritage.

And yet I cannot but help feel they look to the UK for inspiration; they have looked on in awe at the train wreck of British society and the control parliament exercises. They admire the tireless efforts of Blair, Brown and co, and are trying the damnest to emulate them here.

The one shining light that we have, and you lack, that may yet avert this, is the leader of the opposition Tony Abbot; who knows what it means to be a conservative.

Big Mango said...

Notice how the mail has skewed this article

"Disturbed by his military service, in which he buried thousands of comrades' bodies after being deemed unfit to fight because of a medical condition linked to smoking.."

They just can't give it up can they?

Angry Exile said...

"He'll want the smokers on the high-risk stuff..."

Leg-iron, that's disturbingly plausible. Of course, he might just be a twat. As the cliché goes, never ascribe to malice what you can put down to stupidity. With Rudd it's hard to tell and I wouldn't want to put money on one or the other.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame there aren't more writers like this bloke in both countries: Thought police muscle up in Britain

Dr Evil said...

I used to collect cigarette packets when I was a child. I would cut the box fronts out and mount them in a scrap book. Some were really very colourful. Maybe this is one reason they are banning branding.

That pic looks just like gangrene to me, not gas gangrene, apart from the colour. You know, smoking, blood supply reduction OMG, your toes drop off! Bollocks. I bet it was frost bite. Anyway, they should be black them thar toes, not green. Hmmmmmm. Suspicious?

I really hate these people banning stuff instead of educating and then offering adults choice are contemptable bastards.

Anonymous said...

Oz Land
Not worth the dribblings from
a platypus's arsehole.
Give the shithole to the Chinese
for a sex farm.

Proper Brit

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.49 - each of the examples that chap offers is, in itself, shocking, but reading that, in his considered opinion, they, as a representative sample, indicate a slide into totalitarianism is a dreadful realisation.

Why are so few of us bothered, or are we just the vocal ones and the majority suffer in silence?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Leg-iron

It is worth bearing in mind that in the Land of Oz it is illegal to not vote (fine AUD50.00 last I heard).

I think this little earner is on the cards for our own Glorious Leaders' consideration.


Angry Exile said...

Anon @12:46, technically speaking platypuses don't have arses, and while it's a long way from being perfect I've never once regretted leaving the UK to come to Oz. On the other hand I've often regretted the fact that the UK didn't have enough going for it to persuade Mrs Exile to stay.

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons to not vote Labor besides the internet filter and smoking. It's the same as in the UK, their votes come from the inner city pissheads and benefit scum. Who just happened to win in 2007, like Bliar in 1997.

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