Thursday, 15 April 2010

LPUK fail

Devil's Kitchen fell for a Righteous trick. The apology.

The only sensible answer to 'I demand an apology' is 'No, get fucked, if anyone can bear to spend enough time with you' unless you have done something that genuinely deserves an apology.

He was under unfair pressure, and I've experienced similar pressure from a certain establishment in Aberystwyth who will never get a response from me no matter what they want. It was embarrasing once, it will not happen again.

I can't blame DK. It is an insidious, pressurised and very nasty game he has joined and I don't think any of LPUK really know who they are up against yet. They are still working on the 'it's basically about honesty' ticket and I applaud them for it.

But it is not.

You want to win the game, learn the rules and play them. They are not what they appear to be and you will have to drop that 'conscience' nonsense to get anywhere. Seriously. You are not fighting people who fight fair, and if you do, you will lose.

Never, ever, apologise. Read up on the Inquisition because that is the game in town now. Apology is submission.

DK must stay as leader of that party. Not in spite of his free-speech stance.

Precisely because of it.

DK, it's game on and it is not a playful game. You must not fail and you must never apologise for your stance.

If you do, Libertaranism is controlled and restricted.

We are playing for keeps. So are they.


Uncle Marvo said...

"... if someone can bear to spend enough time with you."

Thanks for that. Filed in memory, ready for instant retrieval when required.

Stewart Cowan said...

It was clear from the start that Andrew Neil wasn't going to give the bloke a chance. Makes you wonder why they invited him if they considered him such an irrelevance. Oh yeah, it was to ridicule any opposition to Lib/Lab/Con.

I didn't know DK was the leader of the party. He should have known better than to blog the way he did.

Maybe I'm just as bad in my own way, who knows?

There are a lot of angry, foul-mouthed bloggers. I'm not sure it's the right way to convince the masses and that is exactly what needs to be achieved.

The anger needs to be directed in positive ways and our case (or cases) made in an articulate and civilised manner.

Simon said...

Morning Leg, agree completely.

If you're in the game, know your answers and if it's no fuck off, then so be it!

BTW how do I get an invite onto DK's blog now it's invite only?

Guthrum said...

We no exactly what we are up against. One member of the NCC is now on a 'blacklist' for getting government consultancy work, another is being hounded by the BERR to the extent that he has moved his business offshore, and the party post sometimes arrives opened.

Andrew Neill is the least of our problems, in fact from the membership applications and donations received in the last twenty four hours, I hardly count this as a 'fail'

The Merry Man said...

Hi Leg,

Neil is an establishment attack dog,as you no doubt know he chairs the comfy love in The Daily Politics or something,how many years has the man greased the machine of the Lib/Lab/Con coalition?,he`s done well out of it and still is.

It is obvious that the Kitchen would be his point of attack,your right the half apology was a mistake, a simple "no its the Devils Kitchen not The Mary Whitehouse Pantry" would have been preferable,then straight into policies.

Having said all that he came across as a man of the modern age and I`m sure he will benefit from the experience,I believe he offered his resignation,a noble gesture but If he is going to lead the party to success he must absorb the rough with the smooth and brass it out at times,his offer was declined,good.

He has retired DK it seems, and let loose his twin brother,the better mannered twin,probably for the best!.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Leg-Iron. And the BBC will only support parties that are fully signed up to the EU projekt.

It's a filthy game, and you don't stand a chance unless you master the rules.

Anonymous said...

In an ideally free world everyone could use whatever words or imagery they wanted to get their message across and nobody would object or get distracted by a bit of effing and blinding. But life’s not like that. People can and do get put off by too much swearing and this ultimately damages the message. Yes, it’s irritating that a BBC stooge like Neil should have effectively enforced such a change in DK’s blog policy, but if as a result DK’s blog becomes more accessible to a broader range of people than now then - who knows - Neil may well prove to be at least partly responsible for enabling the Libertarian message to become even more widely-read. Which, of course, clearly wasn’t his intention at all. As you’ve often said, Leggy, the Righteous’s methods always – without fail – eventually come back to bite them on the bum.

PS: Just as an aside, I went to Forest’s “last dinner before the smoking ban” at one of the big hotels in London in June 2007, and guess who one of the speakers against the ban was? Yep, one Mr Andrew Neil – an occasional cigar-smoker at the time, I understand. D’you reckon he’s given up and gone all “conformist”?

Unknown said...

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Leg-iron said...

Guthrum - all publicity is good, in some ways. At least it meant a lot of people who might never have heard of the Libertarian party have now discovered your existence.

And at the right time, too.

Trooper Thompson said...


I totally agree. No apologies. I think the important issue is how to develop other tools and weapons. Blogging in itself is not enough, libertarianism has to break out of the bloggosphere, but this is our territory, and we should not give it up, or tone anything down, or take lectures from the tired, old, scratched record of the MSM.

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