Thursday, 1 April 2010

Theft and control.

"Yeah, like, any bugger can be Prime Monster these days, innit?. You don't need no brains or nuffin. You don't even need a motor, they give you one, and a house and food and booze and that and you can smoke in there an' all. If that saggy-faced git can do it, I can do it. I can be Prime Monster Chaveron, innit? But you can call me Dave. 'Cos it's me name, innit?"

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I have a 'dormant account' or two. One is an old savings account with less than twenty quid in it. The interest rate dropped below one percent about ten years ago and I stopped putting money in. One day it will reach twenty quid and I'll be able to get it out of the machine. Until then, I ignore it and also ignore the occasional statement saying it's gone up by a few pennies.

It's a trivial amount of money but it's my money and I would be just as incensed if it was stolen as I would if my main business account was raided. The Brown Gorgon once mentioned raiding 'dormant accounts' but I never thought to hear this:

Hundreds of millions of pounds of unclaimed assets from dormant accounts will be channelled into a "big society bank" to fund grassroots social entrepreneurs to deliver public services under a Tory government, David Cameron announced today.

The Tories are going to raid us and are going to set up a State-owned bank with that stolen money, even if Labour don't. What, exactly, is the point of voting Tory then?

The Cameroid also claims he wants a small state. To this end he says -

Outlining "incredibly ambitious" plans to reduce the role of the "big state", the Tory leader declared that the bank would help charity and voluntary groups that are "locked out" of the current system.

So to reduce the size of the State, he's going to increase the role of the State in creating and funding more fakecharities. What, exactly, is the point of voting Tory then?

A Conservative government would:
Create an army of 5,000 full-time professional community organisers – modelled on the work of Barack Obama in Chicago in the 1980s – who would encourage the creation of community groups involving every adult in Britain.

More meddlers and prodnoses. Five thousand of them. With control over every adult in Britain. Modelled on a Socialist idea. This is not something any Conservative government should even be thinking, never mind proposing. Dammit, Cameroid, you are not only going to be just as bad as the Gorgon, you are going to be worse.

There is absolutely no prospect of me voting Tory even if the local Labour candidate was on a dead heat and my vote would push them out. Why would I? There is no difference at all between them now.

Don't worry, I wouldn't vote Labour either. I'd have to cut off my hand afterwards before the contagion spread. Nor will I vote SNP or for those faceless people with the orange badges. I'd rather vote for the Pensioners for Jesus party (but I won't).

Theft and control have been hallmarks of the current government. The Cameroids propose to change that. Unfortunately they propose to change it for the worse.

More meddling, more control, more theft. All to counter the perception that the Tories are 'uncaring'.

I don't want the government to 'care' about me. I don't want them to even notice my existence.

I want them to leave me alone, to let me live my life the way I want to live it. Not force me to live in line with some mechanical lab-rat formula. Just get lost and leave me alone.

Labour have had thirteen years of 'caring' and look at what they've done. When the Cameroids propose even more of the same, is it any wonder their share of the polls is dwindling?

Dave - stop caring. Just promise to stop all the bans and the controls and the pathetic meddling in the minutiae of life and promise that once elected, we'll hardly hear about you for five years unless it's something that actually matters.

Do that and you might be surprised at the reaction.


MU said...

I heard some passionate invective from FreeDomainRadio's Stefan ("The Truth about Voting on YouTube) which finally nailed any doubts I had about not voting. It just encourages them and gives them your personal sanction for them to mug you blind. I'm pretty sure the only correct moral response is to walk away with dignity rather than playing their sick game.

BTS said...

If he really cared he'd buy me a bloody drink..

Letters From A Tory said...

I doubt any politician in the modern era can refuse an opportunity of getting in front of the cameras, but no harm in wishful thinking!

Anonymous said...

It's gone down very well with the progressive, lefty lot.$1351443.htm

It's no wonder the Tories are haemorrhaging votes to UKIP.


wv - slyiness. Cameron's electioneering strategy, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Forget the recession. Forget the two illegal wars. Forget the expenses scandal and all that. The person who promises to cut all funding to every fake charity and quango out there will get my vote.

I don't care who it is or what their other policies are. If they promise to stop feeding the fake charity monster they will get my vote.

THAT is my number one priority right now. And in a recession you'd think it would be a no-brainer. Sadly with this lot to choose from it apparently isn't.

Antisthenes said...

Can you imagine what would happen if you had a country that made everyone stand on their own two feet, didn't interfere with their citizens daily lives, let them keep most of their hard earned money, only supported people who truly genuinely deserved it and thought choice and merit were concepts worth promoting.

Well it could lead to a happy, prosperous society, but nobody wants that especially politicians they would not know what to do with all the spare time on their hands. They could fiddle their expenses I suppose.

I am Stan said...

Yo Leggy,

Great post,what the fuck is Cameroid playin at,for fucks sake I thought tories were right wing,small state look after yerselves types....

This community organisers thingy!...yeah I know what thats gonna mean,thousands of Norris`es ,im off a Corrie,pokin their noses into everyone`s lives and tut tutin if you dont get all community I bet guvmint will be trainin em to get right into our faces and poke around..sending reports to central command if you dont cut yer grass on a sunday mornin...all funded with tax dollars of course...twats!

Vladimir said...

Things are so bad now that I genuinely cannot tell if this is an April 1st gag or a real "Conservative" policy. In either case those tossers don't deserve any votes.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. I don't have my data with me (PC died) but there's a heck of an interesting tome on the role of Community Organisers. It exposes the whole malarky, throwing light on Obama's past, etc.

It's commie. Fullstop. The role of the Community Organiser is to subvert a culture. Typically, though, it has a pretty name, to con the public.

The Cam just doesn't get that we're onto him.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

The Camaloon is a fan of Obama? Yikes, I don't believe it!

He's definitely lost my vote now. UKIP here I come.

John Pickworth said...

If Cameron was to announce these 'community organisers' are to wear brown shirts I wouldn't be any more surprised than I am now!

I have absolutely no idea what the Conservatives stand for now... or why on earth I'd ever vote for them?

Anonymous said...

"I have absolutely no idea what the Conservatives stand for now... "

They are there to conserve and thats what they are doing. You just don't like what they are conserving.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Rules for Radicals is the name of the book. Bilious Clinton is a fan - that should tell you something.

I downloaded the entire tome a while back, but can't recall the site from which I downloaded it.

John Pickworth said...

"You just don't like what they are conserving."

Damn tootin' I don't!

The country is going to the fucking dogs, everyone is having their wallets raided (the poor most of all), much of our sovereignty now resides in Belgium and our freedoms are looking more threadbare than they did before Magna Carta. How about they conserve some of that little lot while there's still some left? Hey?

No. Bloody Dave decides that putting an army of Obama-lites on our streets is a jolly good wheeze. For crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

PS: for a taster, see:

John Pickworth said...

I've just been looking at Obama's history, trying to learn what a Community Organiser did. I found the following from an American columnist who wondered the same thing:

"Perhaps the simplest way to describe community organizing is to say it is the practice of identifying a specific aggrieved population, say unemployed steelworkers, or itinerant fruit-pickers, or residents of a particularly bad neighborhood, and agitating them until they become so upset about their condition that they take collective action to put pressure on local, state, or federal officials to fix the problem, often by giving the affected group money."

Now I doubt that Cameron intends to follow this model but I suspect this is exactly what we'll end up with... especially when the crazies hijack the thing.

Oh, and isn't it interesting that the blogger's darling, Mr Dale, hasn't had anything to say about Dave's shiny new policy?

Anonymous said...

John, you correctly identify part of the problem. But that's a tame issue. Read Rules for Radicals and see the breadth of the problem we face.

We must find a means of tackling it - probably using their tools.

Anonymous said...

Well, if that's what they do, I think it's a good idea.

I'll organise the smokers, you can have the boozers.

We'll march on Westminster together.

John Pickworth said...

Thanks for the link Fausty. I did read the Rules and recognised them immediately as classic political plays - also used in an earlier time and hence my deliberate use of the term Brown Shirts.

Like I said, I'm sure Cameron believes his Community Organisers will merely be tidying hedgerows and helping old folk with their shopping. But these types of organisations are perfect vessels for 'little hitlers' and others out to carve themselves a place at the trough. It'll become corrupted before tea-time and be a thorn in everyone's sides.

Its a horrible idea and I'm astonished its come from the Conservatives.

Next week: William Hague announces farming collectives and the 5 Year Plan.

Anonymous said...

Quite, John.

JuliaM said...

"I don't want the government to 'care' about me. "

Too late, Leg-Iron. The Righteous like this idea. They like it a lot...

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