Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Indecent exposure.

I always thought the Press were bound by codes of decency and factual reporting. It seems this is not only not so, it is officially not so and never has been.

Those press hacks can write what they like with no facts, no research, no checks or balances and their editors will support them.

The newspapers are an entirely untrustworthy source of news and that is now official.

If you are a candidate in the upcoming election, and the local hack-rag doesn't like you, they can say what they like and get away with it. Well, that is pure free speech, but it only works if we all have it.

We don't. We ordinary proles would get sued for libel if we did the same thing.

A future fair for all? Really?

A future fair for all those who Labour agree should have a future. It's a bit unwieldy but it's their real campaign slogan.

If you smoke or drink or like a pizza or a bag of chips, Labour want you gone.

And they want you to vote for it.


almighty said...

i discussed the coming elections with my father in law. a true born socialist he reckons. but when i asked how could he vote for any of the three main parties when they have led us to ruin and ridicule? i even played some youtube video of the excellent nigel farage. he said " i vote for whoever has the best chance of getting the current government out, and a vote for people like ukip is a wasted vote"
how do you reason with idiots?
maybe the country does need to be led. but not by idiots such as these.

Lawson said...

"If you smoke or drink or like a pizza or a bag of chips, Labour want you gone.

And they want you to vote for it."

Not half as much as I want them gone. Forever.

I smell fear in Westminster and
the three big boys on the block seem to be having trouble coordinating stuff lately. Wonder if the voices that whisper in their ears are starting to quiver a little bit?

They believed that our votes belonged in their pockets, despite the warnings from the 1984 campaign that the Libertarians instituted.

Their sins are now public domain and their arrogance has been noted by us, the great unwashed. Too late for repentance now boys, not even Poxman, Dimblebollox and Brillo are going to save your butts now.

Anonymous said...

My first face-to-face encounter with a canvasser from one of the “big three” yesterday has merely served to confirm to me that, as you have exhorted many times, Leggy, the general public really should simply boycott the big three parties, even if just this one time, to knock them off that smug high horse they’re riding at the moment. Basically, it’s a very marginal two-horse race round here (Con v L-D), but as soon as I informed my visitor that my decision so far was not to vote for either of them, she just sort of shrugged and said “Oh, OK then” and turned to leave! It was almost as if she thought: “Oh, not voting for the other lot then. Job done here.” These drones are obviously so brainwashed that “their” party are right that they regard people who vote for minor parties in the same way as they regard people who aren’t going to vote at all. God, we really need to teach these b*ggers a lesson!

Anonymous said...

"If you smoke or drink or like a pizza or a bag of chips, Labour want you gone.

And they want you to vote for it."

And, they want you to pay for it too.

Pay for the institution and enforcement of their insane micromanaging of peoples' lives by way of tax which they in turn hand out to fake-charities and quangos to make it all seem normal and advise the government to do what it was intending to do all along.

It's like the ego stroking the ego.

Anonymous said...

This isn't entirely off topic - but did you know we have a Minister for Pubs? He visited Great Yarmouth recently to support a local newspaper campaign to "Save Our Pubs"!!!

Can't find it in the online edition so here's a link to a scanned version.


Isn't this just a teensy weensy bit hypocritical coming from them?

Leg-iron said...

Almighty, you can't reason with them in direct argument. You have to chip away little by little. rather than talk politics, talk smoking ban (if he smokes), speed cameras and parking fines and wheelclamps (if he drives) and so on.

If he complains about any restriction this government bring in, remind him that he voted for them and he's about to vote for more of the same.

Some take longer than others but most eventually start to think about it.

Leg-iron said...

Lawson Narse - they're scared all right. Not of us, they think we are cattle, but of each other.

All the campaign literature I've seen has the same message. "If you don't vote for us but vote for Party 2, then Party 3 will get in."

That is the message, all of it. It's all they have now.

Whereas we have a lot of angry people who want to be told something real.

The main parties haven't seen this yet. They are still busy fighting each other.

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