Friday, 16 April 2010

Labour - Oops!

I have a small skip outside my house and half my winter-killed garden is in it. So it won't be a late night because I am knackered. I just hope the skip company can pick it up before some cretin throws a mattress in it, because it's a garden-waste-only skip. Where do they come from, those cretins with mattresses? Do they store up old mattresses in case they see a skip? Do they wander the streets with them, on the offchance they can find a skip to drop it into? Anyway, I was told I wasn't allowed to wire the skip to the mains which I consider unfair because it is actually on my property so I'll just have to hope.

As for the garden, I'm beginning to like the 'wasteland' look. Maybe I'll just spray the lot with Jeyes fluid and get it paved. Then paint it green, drill little holes and stick plastic flowers in them. But this isn't about gardening. This is about Jo Brand in a pub. She's wasting her time, nobody makes beer goggles that thick.

Over at ManWiddicombe's is an interesting photo. It has three images of Jo Brand in it, each attached to a lame joke about Dai Cameroid and each ending with 'Vote Labour'. You know, if you vote Labour as many times as Jo Bland, you'll end up looking like her, sounding like her, and people will laugh at you too.

The most amusing part is that the Jo Bland message is pasted onto... beermats.

Yes, Labour think it is a good idea to have the second saggiest face in the country telling people to vote Labour in those pubs that are demonised as havens of pyschotic drunken louts, taxed to death, and in which half the clientele, at least, spend a good portion of their evening outside in the cold. The same pubs whose landlords live in fear of bankruptcy and Gestapo-style disappearance if one of their customers lights up inside. Labour want you to forget all that and vote for the Brown Gorgon because his hideous acolyte says so.

Oops. Own goal, maybe?


paulo said...

Well it made me chuckle. Nearly as good as "fire up the quattro."

If their damage wasn't so great I could laugh at the sheer uselessness of Labour, ah well...


JuliaM said...

"Where do they come from, those cretins with mattresses? "

We should put them to manual labour immediately. Mattresses are heavy, unwieldy things, and if they can manouvre them into someone else's skip in the dead of night, they can work for a living...

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