Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Smoking signs.

Manwiddicome has produced a wonderful little sign and had it printed up professionally.

He has graciously allowed anyone to copy the image and get them printed, or to print them off and pass them around.

The image is here. I have already downloaded a copy and it's printing as I type. I'll need a few for Smoky-Drinky and I think it's going to be very popular indeed.

Well, not with antismokers nor with politicians, but they've never given a damn about my feelings and it's too late now.


Stewart Cowan said...

I'm on the smokers' side, but if I saw that sign, I'd rip it off for being unnecessarily rude.

Leg-iron said...

That's a valid point, Stewart. It would be a shame if people agreed with the principle but were offended by the swearing. I'll do a non-sweary version.

Stewart Cowan said...

Then send me one to stick up in the office!

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