Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Creation, EU style.

A good day for me. More work, and a contact for even more work, and two more potential projects on Thursday. If I can keep this up for six months I can then work like a Labour minister for the remaining six months, and spend all my time mouthing off about stuff I don't understand and nobody cares about while doing the square root of diddly squat about any of it. I doubt I can lie as brazenly but I'll practice.

Not such a good day for democracy. Iain Dale was moved to use a word from Obo's vocabulary about a Labour film. I'm not surprised. Neither is Constantly Furious. Especially as the film shows lots of grim-faced officials with clipboards, which anyone who has lived in this country for the past decade will instantly recognise as Labour's Little Hitlers. They are not 'coming', these clipboard-wielding, officious morons. There are here, and have been for some time. The pod people are among us, hatched by Labour, nurtured by Labour and given supreme power to be a dickhead and get away with it by Labour.

I'm sure they'll still be around under the Tories. Tory councils have been demonstrating their ability to be dickheads and get away with it for quite some time. They have taken all Labour's petty laws and thoroughly enjoyed being dickheads with them.

I will never vote for either of them. Don't get excited, young Clegg, and don't get your hopes up, Oily Al, because I'm still smoking and drinking here and you still hate me and I am going to demand your canvassers explain why they think it is just fine and dandy to make my life a misery. And then explain why on Earth they think I'm going to vote for more of it. That's if I ever see a canvasser. The leaflets appear with smug and superior faces plastered all over them but I have never seen any of those faces in real life.

Which is, on the whole, a good thing. For me and for them.

The EU seem keen to have us leave too. They have demanded a total ban on smacking children for any reason whatsoever. Battering granny for 50p? Tsk, the little scamps. Repainting the neighbour's car with brake fluid and sewage, then taping 240-grit Emery paper to their windscreen wipers? Oh, bless the little artistic darlings. Dissecting a cat without anaesthetic? Gracious, surely a career as an NHS consultant is on the cards. Crucifying Fido? A future in the clergy is certain. I did have an example of a future Pope but thought it best to leave that one out. Labour and the Fundamentalist Atheists have hit him hard this week. So maybe adding budgie-buggery to the list is a little over the top.

No, no, no. Clout them until they stop doing it. Children push boundaries. Always have and always will. They reach the point where there are consequences and then retreat within those boundaries. That is how they learn what is and is not allowed and that is how they learn the limits of behaviour that keep a society from chaos. They don't all have to be punished. We learned a lot from the punishment meted out to others. We learned 'Hmm, best not do that'. That observational lesson is impossible now.

They will push the boundary until they reach the point where there are consequences. If there are never any consequences then there are no boundaries. No limits. Look at those repeat offenders that Judge Alzheimer keeps sending on their way with a lollipop and ruffled hair and a big badge saying 'ASBO'. No consequences, no limits.

I know someone who has joined the police. In Scotland, they don't take on any old scroat. There are interviews, fitness tests, medicals, exams and if you get through that lot there is something like fifteen weeks of training before you get to the probationary period in which another officer follows you around. This person has just started the training and one of the group has dropped out on day one. After months of exams and testing, they dropped out on day one. Why? Strict discipline. They have never seen it before.

At school, we could get 'lines' for having our ties on in a less than straight manner. Do any modern kids still get 'lines'? Prefects could hand out that punishment for things like talking in the library. Prefects had no authority to inflict physical punishment, that was the sole domain of the head teachers and you had to do something really serious to get it. This was not Eton. This was a South Wales grammar/comprehensive State school and it was in the constituency of a man so Red it had affected his hair and his face. I speak of none but the EuroKinnock his very own hideous self, the man solely responsible for breaking the chain of consistent Labour voting in my family. My father knew him, you see, and would rather vote for a real weasel than a ginger one with a big nose and a small brain.

The school changed from grammar to 'any old leg-iron' while I was there. Even after it changed, discipline was enforced. Dress code, no fidgeting in assembly, no answering back to teachers, turning up on time and doing the assigned homework were all enforced and all failure was punished.

Now the little sods get no punishment if they turn up dressed as Lady Gaga or even if they don't turn up at all. The girls are even worse. Grammar schools are necessary. The government has proved it.

Grammar schools were not elitist. They let me in, didn't they? They were an incentive. Really, they were the first incentive a growing child encountered. Infant school was a piece of piss. You learned to read and to count and that was pretty much it, there were no qualifications and whether you were good at it or not you all went to the same junior school anyway. We did spend considerable time learning about gills-pints-quarts-gallons and so on and that was a total waste of bloody time thanks to the EU and decimalization. It does let me bamboozle people by asking for wood in a four cm by three inches by two yards dimension but even so, I'm now stuck with knowing stuff nobody can use.

It was the eleven plus exam that was the first hint of future concern in a child's life. Fail that and you were sent to the Secondary Modern, a place filled with ravening skinheads and Deliverance toothless hillbillies with a taste for a bit of the old 'squeal like a piggie, boy'. Pass, and you could get into the grammar school where they spent much more time teaching you stuff than they did peeling your battered carcass off the playground. It was tense. I still remember waiting for those results and it was the first time I was ever really scared for the future. Not the last, but the first.

I passed because I had an incentive. I am, like almost every other human on the planet, a lazy sod at heart. If I won a big lottery payout I'd never work again. No yachts, no big cars, I'd work one more year after the win and then live on the interest. Tell me that failure means having to spend every day with the red-braces, shaven-headed Doc Martin's brigade and I will work like a Roman galley slave to avoid that. I need an incentive. Everyone does. Of course, my chances of winning the lottery would be improved if I bought a ticket. But not by very much.

Now? You get into university because Labour says you're poor. You don't get poor by working like stink, you get poor by giving up and just spending everything. As I once did - but I learned from it. Now I use excess cash not for excess junk but for reserves. Yet if you work and save and try to make your life better, Labour take away your chance of advancement and give it to some idle little one-toothed pig-poker who sat around waiting to be handed everything.

There is no incentive to work at primary school. You're all going to that same comprehensive anyway. There's no incentive to work at the comprehensive either because there is no 'dimbo' class to stay out of any more. They are all dimbo classes now. There is also no top class to work your way into so why bother? The intelligent are not less intelligent. They are the ones who recognise, very quickly, that the way through this ridiculous toytown version of education is to sit back and ride the train. In this way is the career criminal born. Not the chav 'duh... I am Asbo Boy'. I'm talking about the Joker here, or Saw, or the entire organisation behind the concept of 'Hostel'.

Yes, those are fictional, but the very cleverly produced phishing spam I see every day is not. The drug cartels are not fiction. Neither is the child slavery that is everywhere, the importation of immigrants for a 'job' that they find is in fact forced prostitution, the trafficking of people... these things are not set up and run by idiots.

They are set up and run by intelligent people who have no sense of boundaries or discipline. There have always been some and always will be. The question is, why is the EU intent on creating more of them?

And why are none of the main parties showing any interest at all?

Are they stupid or are they in on the game? You decide.


Anonymous said...

The big parties will change, though not through choice. They'll change the same way Greek Government will change: because they've run out of money.

The reason the modern generation are clueless wastrels is because they don't perceive much of a downside to being wastrels; they see a clear choice. Lots and lots of hard work and eventually you might, just might get a passable income, or alternatively piss it up the wall every night and save nothing, and those nice people in Government will look after you dilligently, pay you extra money for basically fucking up your life, and even pay you handsomely to breed lots more clueless morons. All this, any you don't even have to learn to read, since some nice person down the social will read things out for you, and even help you fill in forms if you can't do it yourself. If you booze yourself into ill health, or stuff yourself into porcine obesity, then they'll deem you to be ill, and give you even more money.

That is why the little darlings don't try at school; there's no downside to it, and lots of upsides.

The cure is this: remove a lot of benefits. Remove child benefit, or limit it to the first two live births (token BNP policy there; if you've married a first cousin and are producing verminous greks that die in infancy, you get two shots on the State coin then that's it). Rigorously test incapacity benefit, and remove curable illnesses such as obesity and the like from this benefit. Keep a short-term out-of-work dole, then when this runs out, substitute in Government work programmes. In short, do everything you can think of to prevent people languishing on Government charity for life.

For Government work, I'm talking of things like sorting domestic refuse for recycling, street sweeping, ditch-clearing and the like. Mucky, miserable jobs that nobody much wants to do, paid poorly (abolish minimum wages; they do far more harm than good) and paid by the hour the person works. Turn up late, and you get paid less.

The net effect here would be to give a massive incentive to jobless people to find work, any work that was better than Government work. Local minimum wages could be enforced after a fashion by how much Government work pays, permitting minimum wages to be set loosely and set by area; employers paying less than the pittance paid by Government work would find few takers.

Finally, increase the basic tax-free allowance to around 10K per annum, and institute a flat tax above that. The purpose of a tax is not social control but to raise money for the Government; this should be done as cheaply, simply and painlessly as possible.

Anonymous said...

Yes Greece is the blueprint downfall of the EU.
It's not sustainable for the poorer nations.
The Germans will have trouble convincing their electorate to pay for this.
Not sustainable sounds familiar in the UK brand of so called governance as well.
This smacking thing is merely an illustration of the absoloute bonkers way the EU does things.
Some lefty burke pushes a crazy idea like this through and gets away with it.
So how many more prisons and care homes for children do we build because someone smacked an unrully child.
Time to get out of this EU farce.
Politicians need to be accountable to their electorate ,not some looney quango in Brussels.

Liebour scum said...

Despite being in the top 5 at primary school I was dumped onto a Comprehensive school after labour scrapped the 11 plus. A quirk of fate meant I missed the chance of going to the academy by a year. Upward mobility stopped in it's tracks by Labour nearly 40 years ago. And I've hated them ever since.

Gendeau said...

Somewhat off topic, but I haven't seen this on any blog...

I was listening to Minitrue (BBC Today on R4) where thay asked some NEETS (code for chav, I gather) how they felt about living of benefits.

One of them said that they didn't mind 'cos they got benefits from the state, but they paid tax on their ciggies, so it was give and take


These people will be eligable to vote this time. I wouldn't trust them to come inside when it started raining.

Anonymous said...

"One of them said that they didn't mind 'cos they got benefits from the state, but they paid tax on their ciggies, so it was give and take"
They sound quite economically literate to me, you hear a variety of that argument from public sector workers, chancellors, and economists. So they've done well to paraphrase it for their situation which is a plus for the education system.
Unfortunately as we're following that path as a country, we can only end up with bankruptcy or hyper inflation as this view has no interest in nor understanding of wealth creation.
For a blog that covers these ecconomic issues from a UK perspective have a look at http://cynicuseconomicus.blogspot.com/


Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

"Of course, my chances of winning the lottery would be improved if I bought a ticket. But not by very much."

The number of evenings I've spent trying to convince the statistically challenged that very concept...

...wonderful statement sir!

wv: dicodult

Some sort of Ann Summer's hard core promotional code?

microdave said...

"taping 240-grit Emery paper to their windscreen wipers" - That's one I haven't heard before....

"You learned to read and to count at infant school" - My, how times change. Many of them can't manage that even after leaving secondary school.

Four cm seems a very odd size, but our local DIY used to have 2x2" and 2x3" cut into 1.8mtr lengths....

Ronan said...

I'm not sure hitting your kids teaches them anything, except the acceptability of violence to get what you want out of people. Hitting kids is an evil, stupid idea.

That said, the EU rules will be used as an excuse by the state to intervene into and break up families.

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