Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Smoke War continues.

I hear the Cameroid intends to fight for 'the great ignored'. Don't get your hopes up, smokers. He doesn't mean us. He has already stated that everyone is happy with the smoking ban and that he intends to do nothing but continue its extension into every other area of life.

And so, the war continues.

Do not attempt to tell me that 'some of your best friends are smokers'. I really don't care. Don't tell me 'this is unfair and not truly representative of the Tory position'. I really don't care. Is it fair that I can be barred from employment because I smoke? Is it fair that I can be barred from entering a building because I have been smoking? Is it fair that I have to go outside - and then face abuse because I am outside? Is it fair that bereaved parents are told that their smoking killed their child even though there is no evidence at all to back up such an assertion? Is there anything fair in the antismoking campaign, anything at all? Is there even anything true in it?

Smokers have tried 'fair' and we've tried 'compromise' and all that has happened is that the antismokers have turned the screw harder and harder. There can be no compromise when your opponent doesn't want one. This is a fight to the finish. We can offer no compromise and accept no negotiation. If we do that, we might gain some temporary ground but they will be back, chipping away at us again. This time we have to win it all. The Cameroid has stated that he is not interested in helping. Don't vote for him if you smoke. He is not on your side.

As for the Brown Gorgon -

If you smoke and you vote Labour, you really need your head looked at. These people despise smokers. Never forget, these are the ones who promised a partial smoking ban and brought in a total ban, which they are even now plotting to extend into your own home. These are the ones who put a pub landlord in jail for allowing people to smoke. A smoker voting Labour is no different to an Asian Muslim voting BNP. Completely insane.

Look at the recent price rises on cigarettes next time you go into a shop. That did not 'just happen'. Labour did that. Deliberately. Tories, Lib Dems, SNP, Green, they will all do the same. You will need a bank loan to buy tobacco soon. Are you really going to vote for more of that?

Oh, and Lib Dems, SNP and Greens, don't get your hopes up. Your turn is coming. Expect the same level of 'fairness' and 'balanced argument' that smokers have experienced.

None at all.


Dick Puddlecote said...

"Is it fair that I have to go outside - and then face abuse because I am outside?"

Or rape, or murder.

Unknown said...

And don't forget that the bansterbators have taken it upon themselves to hide your favourite tobacco product under the counter to make you feel like a dirty raincoated hardcore pornicator and they will be asking for additions to that law, like you must be given your cigarettes or tobacco in a brown paper bag, just to complete the picture.

War I say, with a vengeance.

Leg-iron said...

ASH want to move us further away from the door. Presumably they want us restricted to unlit alleys where it will be easier to attack us.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you completely LI. The one thing that really stuck in my throat was the rank hypocrisy of keeping a smoking area for themselves in The Great Cesspit.

@TBY: once they do this, I intend to march up to the counter and just ask for a packet of cigarettes. They're going to reply ""Which ones?" to which I will reply, "Not sure, what have got?" and make the poor sod read out every brand of fag they have. If we all did this and wasted as much of their time as possible, I'm sure the likes of Tesco et al would start to exert pressure against this dumb idea. Just a thought.

Chief_Sceptic said...

Ufff - I experience this sort of thing all the time, both at work and socially ...

" Why are you being so 'anti', when it is such a small thing ? " ...

BECAUSE IT'S A PRINCIPLE, YOU FUCKING DICKHEADS - and once you give an inch, suddenly you're pushed back a mile ...

Anonymous said...

Keep the posters coming mate :) I've started posting them to Facebook, it struck me as a good way of getting lots of people to see them very efficiently.

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