Friday, 16 April 2010

Tory - Oops!

The Cameroid wants to jail more people for knife crime. His manifesto is quite explicit on the subject.

One such heinous criminal has just escaped jail, but not a criminal record.

Meanwhile, those who actually go around stabbing people for no reason are still at large.

Is this what you have in mind, Dai? More targets, all easily filled by prosecuting pensioners with penknives rather than risking confronting actually dangerous people?

More restrictions on carrying knives will have no effect on criminals and will only be used to criminalise ordinary people.

This is a very big 'oops' indeed.

Forget about the knives and chase the criminals instead. If you think Government always knows best, look at how well the gun ban worked.

Ordinary people don't have guns because of the gun ban.

Criminals have them all now.

Notice a pattern yet?


Spartan said...

Remember Nightjack? His 'advice' for law abiding citizens?

A Survival Guide For Decent Folk

manwiddicombe said...

.....of course now that only criminals have guns regular folk will be demanding tougher action on gun crime, greater restrictions on guns, more CCTV, more stop and searches .. .. ..

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Well, CallMeDave, since I too carry a Swiss Army Knife (and you can be sure I'm not going to plead guilty, so you'll have to work for your conviction, Pig Bastards), you can whistle for my vote.

Anonymous said...

They appear to favour the panopticon model of imprisonment. Any record is recorded and a negative record prevents you from getting jobs, or joining some social groups.

When people are chipped, or have to carry around RFID cards, and when the cashless society becomes a reality, the panopticon will be a very effective tool for our 'masters'.

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - the cashless society means that all money does, indeed, finally belong to the government. It's no longer real, it's not even a fiat currency, it's a digital construct that can be switched off if they don't like you.

The paper representing nothing is bad enough. When it's nothing representing nothing, we're all at the mercy of the State and its bungling and malicious ways.

Or, a sunspot could wipe out the economy. That would be interesting.

Leg-iron said...

Brian, there are many reasons not to vote for any of the Big Three.

The only reason left to vote for any of them is 'because daddy did'.

There is no longer another reason.

Leg-iron said...

manwiddicombe - that's how it works. Simple but effective.

Leg-iron said...

Spartan - I should put up a permanent link for that. Better do it now before the Milk of Amnesia takes effect.

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