Saturday, 24 April 2010

A fine night...

...for a Smoky-Drinky. We might even go outside for a smoke tonight.


Soon we'll be able to revisit those pubs with outside seating. The antismokers will complain, but they put us all there and they made not a murmur when we had to stand outside in rain, snow, wind and cold so they get zero sympathy from me.

Outside is the smoking area. You, antismokers, made it so. Don't complain that all the smokers are outside when that's entirely your fault.

Must go. I have a bottle crying 'Drink me' and a pack of tobacco that really wants to be burning.


Anonymous said...

Must be grim round your way,underdog. Round our sink estate all you need to do is find a joint with curtains taped together with gaffer tape,side gaps as well,best after 10 pm

Passing Cloud

almighty said...

every now and then i fly offshore from dyce, and usually have a night in aberdeen before hand, i enjoy a good smoke and drink " together" so how does one find a smokey drinky ?

Leg-iron said...

Anon - we have Inspectors who come round and sniff people. You know, the sort of people we used to lock up but who are now council employees.

Leg-iron said...

Almighty - Smoky-drinkies can be hard to find. We're naturally leery of strangers. We also can't be openly available to the public because then we risk being a 'public place'. It's strictly BYOB because if the Smoky-Drinky gets a licence, it's a club and that means no smoking. No money can change hands because then it's a business premises. We're on dodgy ground even talking about work!

The best way is to strike up conversations with other smokers - not too hard in Aberdeen airport in nice weather because the bar lets you take your drink out to the smoky place. Once you're known and trusted, a smoky-drinker should find you. Could take a while because a lot depends on chance.

We don't yet have an equivalent to the London-area smoky-drinky listings:

...but the longer the ban is in place, the more such listings will pop up.

Dr Evil said...

Outside you say. Not quite. I was in my local village pub on Saturday, sitting outside at a table on their extensive lawn. My brother was with me and an old friend. The friend had asked for his bill and lit up a cigar. The Landlord brought him his bill and got cash, and said they had designated the lawn area a no smoking zone and that smoking was restricted to the "patio area" out the back and round the front of the pub only. The tables on the lawn have no smoking notices. My mate moved to one with no such notice. It had weathered away apparently. So, lawn out of bounds for smoking.

Antipholus Papps said...


I would have told that Landlord to stick his pub up his fucking arse, and never return!

Leg-iron said...

Chalcedon, my own approach would be to get up quietly and leave and never return.

In small town it works well. The landlord is like the local vicar. You meet him in the post office or the newsagent.

'Haven't seen you in a while.'

'You made it clear I wasn't welcome. Now I spend my money somewhere else'.

Eventually they'll get the idea. What you need is a Smoky-Drinky group. Take turns to host it and let the pub regulars know about it.

If the landlords work out what's happening they might one day decide to stick up for their customers.

Until then, they are on their own.

Dr Evil said...

Good idea. I was actually very surprised by this smoke free lawn bollocks as smoke drifts! As in over the lawn from the patio. My administration would insist on smoke rooms and an air curtain at the bar for softies. Job done! Next!

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