Monday, 26 April 2010

No Cheeeldren.

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Via the Angryteen I found this blog-rating thing. Apparently there are moves afoot to restrict internet access by giving film-style ratings to websites. There are, as Angryteen points out, rather a lot of websites. There are old ones dropping off the net and new ones appearing every minute.

Monitoring them is an impossible task. I currently run four and am involved in others and used to own such delights as 'Doctor Smellie's Faecal Fun Page' which is now defunct and long gone, so don't bother looking. There weren't enough poo jokes to keep it going. Websites come and go, and blanket ratings for 'blogspot' etc won't work because if you're bored and browse through the blogs, you'll find holiday photos from one blogger while another has posted... well, let's just say 'yeuk' and keep our dinner down.

Apparently my rating of 'R' comes about thus:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
hurt (8x)
death (3x)
corpse (2x)
fuck (1x)

I know I don't swear much here but I'm sure I've said 'fuck' more than once. Whoops, that's another one. Better watch it or I'll be getting XXX next time.

But... 'hurt', 'death', 'corpse'? That's going to make teen goth websites inaccessible to teen goths. Since nobody else goes there, they won't be online very long. 'Hurt' is going to send the NHS offline, along with poor old John Hurt and any film review mentioning him. 'Corpse' is going to shut down Jolly Jimbo's Funeral Service With A Smile and all other funeral directors. Even the ones who don't supply dayglo coffins and dancing girls. Plus all those references to actors laughing mid-scene.

Restricting those words is going to shut out all reference to the Labour election campaign too.

Perhaps that's the idea.


Furor Teutonicus said...

So what are they proposing to do with "18" web sites that 14 year olds are reading?

To open a web account, will we all be expected to produce personal ID cards, IN person, at the board of net censors offices?

Finger print sensors, Iris readers fitted to all computers, to make sure the user is actualy the one LICENCED to use those sites? Or, indeed THAT computer?

I am SURE some Government department are working on it RIGHT now.

Stewart Cowan said...

It was bound to be so, LI. This hatred against our betters cannot and must not be tolerated.

The good people of Britain must be kept from information that may harm their faith in the NWO, even though they don't know there is such a conspiracy against them, their families, country and way of life.

I chose not to host my blog independently so as to have greater control.

E.g. Richard Carvath is an independent candidate in Salford who is opposed to 'gay rights'. This naturally offends some delicate people.

Click on his blog.

This is only the start.

Stewart Cowan said...

Oops, obviously I chose *to* host my blog independently so as to have greater control.

Doesn't make me any cleverer!

Anonymous said...

Yes, FT. That's why they're hyping it up now. All they need is the "something must be done" brigade to chime in. If the public don't, the media will. If that gets no reaction, the government will lie and say that most people want "something to be done".

Whatever happens, we'll get the equivalent of government-issued internet licenses - unless we make a huge fuss.

Should Cam become PM, this might well be one of his first "popular referendum" tests.

Trooper Thompson said...

Good point, Fausty, I can see it now:

'Do you believe children should be protected from filth, smut and paedophile groomers?'

deadaccount. said...
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