Tuesday, 5 July 2011

There are no depths they will not plumb.

Let's take a trip into the future.

Say, oh, seventy years into the future. There's a care home for the elderly. Inside there sits a lonely ninety-year-old woman. She stares at the wall and speaks to nobody. There are no visitors, ever. Her marriage broke up in her twenties and she has not been able to face her family since. On her wrists are the scars of five failed suicide attempts. She just stares, stares at that wall all day long, reliving that one moment in her twenties when she found her baby dead in its cot.

A sudden infant death, she was told. Science has no explanation, she was told, but she knows the truth. She read it in the Independent.

Passive smoking, meanwhile, can cause asthma, cot death, heart attack. This is cold, hard, Royal College of Physicians-endorsed fact. Not that some smokers will ever accept it.

"There is a lot of cognitive dissonance going on," says Ash's Martin Dockrell. "To accept that smoking can be a major cause of, say, cot death would be to suggest that smokers might just play a role in that death and so they deny it; they ignore all the evidence and never accept it. But the science is there."

The causes of sudden infant death are unknown. That is the real truth. Unknown. There is no science at all to link any aspect of smoking to cot death. None at all. Yet lives and relationships are being permanently ruined, people are condemned to a lifetime of guilt and despair and for what?

So that Martin Dockrell can feel smug and superior. So that Nick Duerden can tell us how terrible smokers are. So that the Royal College of Witchdoctors can continue their science-free eugenics programme. To satisfy the personal addiction of these vile scum to some imagined superiority, parents will be doomed to spend the rest of their lives staring at a wall, reliving the day their child died and believing they were responsible. And all because, antismokers, all because you don't like the smell. For the sake of your precious little nose, the future will be full of pensioners like the one I've described. And you delight in it. Look in a mirror and smile at the monster, antismoker. Watch it smile back.

To think, these people refer to smokers as 'disgusting'. I wonder what word they apply to themselves?

Oh, and smoking has never caused a single case of asthma either, but that's trivial compared to the vicious evil these 'people' are willing to throw at bereaved parents. I really don't think a suitable word has ever been invented to describe them.


Oldrightie said...

I've never smoked but abhor the hypocritical nanny state attitude to fags, booze and diet. The problems associated with modern life are from corporate and political greed and the shitty education system where kids don't have one, not one role model worth anything to aspire to.
As for smoking, it was foisted on the population via the squalor of trench warfare. Calmed the nerves. it did, too. the state of this ghastly country today is enough to turn anybody to fags and booze and comfort eating.

Bill Sticker said...

If Mum has a forty a day habit during pregnancy, then that does bump the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome up. However, not placing the baby face down or on its side to sleep has been quite effective at reducing the death rate.

'Second hand smoke' comes way down the list of probable causes. They're more likely to be run over in the Mothercare car park.

kitler said...

Smoking cannabis keeps asthma at bay. Inhalers are Ok but asthmatics become dependent on them and in cases of extreme attacks they are as good as useless but everyone I know who had asthma and smokes weed has an inhaler in the drawer gathering dust.

But of course cannabis has the terrible side effect of being fun to use so theres no way the medics will tell the truth about it.

Anonymous said...

Hardly anyone lives in Iceland now. If they want to address their health problems they might do something about the alcoholism rate and the truly revolting diet. Is it any wonder that people leave at the first possible opportunity. Shitty climate, awful food, no jobs, streets full of drunks and druggies, a language no one understands and a government that has agreed to everyone being genetically screened from birth and their DNA kept on record. Oh and they have exactly one tree.

kitler said...


What Iceland did you visit? The food there is better than anywhere on earth, the people are friendly and the women are so pretty. The language is easy to learn if your not an idiot.

I actually liked the smoking ban when I was there becuause being outside with the other smokers led to many conversations with hot Icelandic women and interesting men, whereas being indoors with the normals led to no chats at all.

The Icelandic opera scene is very good too, if anyone likes opera they should try to see Garda Thor Cortez sing live one day. Hes amazing.

you're right about the trees though, but they do have plenty of other stuff to look at like the northern lights and active volcanoes. I can look at trees all day in the UK.

Budvar said...

Having had experience of cot death (I found mine dead one morning 3 days after coming home from the hospital) I would love this smug supercilious twat to tell me to my face I deliberately killed my child by smoking.

He'd think long and hard before ever saying it again, and I'd happily do the time too.

Physical violence is the only language these people like this understand.

As for the culinary delights of Iceland, if you (kitler i'm looking in your direction here) think sheeps eyes/testicles, rotten shark, seal, whale meat and cod tongue/cheeks is "better than anywhere on earth".

I think the words of the inimitable Crocodile Dundee said it best. "You can live on it, but it tastes like shit" pretty much sums that up!!

Anonymous said...

I guess my Mum smoking throughout having 6 kids is responsible for dragging us up with no illnesses.
No wonder she pegged it in her 80's.
My forty years of smoking has left me in a right mess. I still love hiking, climbing, cycling and running but my hairs going thin, poxy fags.

Anonymous said...

Anon, the hair going thin has absolutely NOTHING to do with fags, nothing at all. Look at me: never smoked in my life, bald as a coot. I'm also 6'3" tall, which is a bit of a bugger what with people my size being a historical rarity until quite recently; a lot of doorways in old houses are low, to say the least. So's the doorway into the lounge in my house, but that's just because the previous owner was a demented dwarf who liked DIY despite having all the aptitude for it of the average goldfish. I've learned to duck, mostly.

As has been said before, smoking doesn't do you much good. It isn't the nicotine, mind; nicotine in small doses is good for you, just like alcohol and a lot of other so-called poisons. Even the occasional dose of radiation may well be protective at low doses; all these things are lost in the noise at low levels.

What the Righteous do is a form of scientific dishonesty. If at dose A you can demonstrate X amount of harm, and at dose 1/2 of A there's a lesser amount of harm, the Righteous seem to think you can project the line back down to very low levels, and still show meaning.

Actually, you can't. Get to a low dose of any poison or theraputic, and the effects get lost in the noise from general biological systems; this is always present, and if you do not see a certain amount of noise in results from biological experiments, then either huge sample sizes have been used, or something's been fiddled somewhere.

So, that whiff of ciggy smoke I smell outside is effectively harmless. Granted it bloody reeks, but it is about as harmless as the PM10 particulates from a passing bus, or the miniscule risk from canteen food; you simply cannot measure it and certainly should not formulate policy on the basis of such spurious assumptions.

Ed Butt said...

With all the wailing angd gnashing of teeth that's going on about the cost of caring for the elderly you'd think the authorities would want to encourage anything that migh keep the population down.

Anonymous said...

And, as pointed out by Booker & North, that massively steep increase in the number of cot deaths which occurred in the 1970’s and early 1980’s corresponded almost exactly with the steepest decline in the numbers of people smoking. Which would tend to indicate that, far from contributing to cot death, smoking actually might … oooh – dare I say the un-sayable??

oh pee off said...


this had nothing to do with increased infant formula milk consumption replacing titty-milk, i suppose?

jimmy starbutt said...

hey leg-iron, i'm getting people to sign a petition in support of your campaign against the anti-smoker-brigade...

so far i've got:

fidel castro
colonel gaddafi
the taliban
(although they're a bit iffy about the drinky-music side of things)
robert mugabe

and with nelson mandela as a 'maybe'.

how's that?

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