Sunday, 10 July 2011

A note from me mum.

Starting three novels at once is just silly. I have to focus... but the whisky makes it difficult.

Anyhow, last night was a night off. I had a film to review. I'm supposed to have two to do, but the one that arrived yesterday was from Australia and arrived in three days, while the other is from within the UK and so far the post office have managed to lose two copies. Still waiting for that one.

The one I saw last night was very good. It's an independent film, which usually gets a groan from the snobbish and I confess I was of that midset once. That changed for me with 'Colin', a zombie film made from the zombie's point of view. Apparently they made that film for £45. I don't believe you can even get a camera for that price. It's an unusual zombie film and well worth a look.

The thing about independents is that they don't have access to the special effects labs of the big film makers. So instead of relying on a series of gory images linked by a storyline that's almost as good as a seventies porn film (the milkman knocks the door, the housewife answers in her negligee and then forces his head into the blender) the independents have to have a good storyline to work with.

It makes all the difference. Last night's film was good. I'll say more when the review comes out so I don't pre-empt it.

Anyhow, that's where I was last night. Sorry for the absence, but I have a note from me mum. Look, it's even signed 'me mum' so it must be genuine.

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