Sunday, 31 July 2011

Death by health.

I visited an uncle yesterday. He stopped smoking six months ago and has now developed a chest that sounds like a loose exhaust. Despite my inherent distrust of the science-free witchcraft that has taken over the medical profession, I think he should get it checked. Most of the 'smoking-related' ailments actually develop after the smoker stops.

For those who are planning to stop, I always suggest a gradual slowdown rather than stopping at once. Let your body get used to the change, because sudden change can cause all sorts of problems. The medics are fine with applying this to booze but want smokers to stop at once. I'm sure a similar mechanism applies because time and again I hear of smokers who get cancer after they've stopped, sometimes only showing up years later - when their risk should have been reduced, according to the propaganda.

The biggest oddity I've encountered lately is that people regard me as weird because I have no medication. Apparently, if you're over fifty and popping no pills you're abnormal. "Nothing wrong with you? There must be something wrong with you in that case." A fine piece of Pharma conditioning, methinks. Age must mean illness so get some pills or you'll die. I had thought that older generations still recognised that we'll all die anyway, pills or no, but it seems the conditioning has reached many of them too. Half the people I've met are popping more pills than Elvis and they're still sick. I take no pills and I'm fine. I think I'll stick with doing it my way. Better than risking my health.

While I was offline the Norway Nutter managed to kill a lot of people on a tour of an island. The Lefties have tried to link him to the EDL (in Norway?) because he had added some of them to his Farcebook account. They even tried to link him to the Climate Heretics. All in all, they have made considerable use of this terrible event to their own advantage while pretending to condemn it.

Pretending, you say? What makes me think they're pretending?

Well, because while they shake their heads in mock horror, they are taking advantage of this event for their own ends, and at the same time proposing that it would be just fine to do the exact same thing to smokers. These are, remember, people who idolise Che Guevara and Stalin. Killing people on a whim is their stock in trade.

I find it interesting that there is now considerable talk about bringing back the death penalty (which Little Nicky once declared as unthinkable as repealing the smoking ban). Nutty Dave is all for it. Lefties will be all for it too, but they won't want it applied to their dear, lovely, cuddly criminals. No, as they have openly declared now and in the past, they will want it for smokers, the BNP and anyone else who won't do exactly as they are told. If it was good enough for Che, it's good enough for them.

So what should we do? Write to our MPs? Why? All that will achieve is to get your name on the list. They are not going to listen.

The EU? They are one step above our own drooling green-bench-warmers. They don't even pretend to listen.

Yet we are expected to listen to them, even though they repeatedly demonstrate a collective IQ somewhere below that of a special-needs starfish. We choose them, we pay them, we employ them and they tell us what to do and take no notice of us at all. If not for them, my uncle might not now sound like a central heating boiler in need of a service. If they had not insisted he stop smoking at once, for the 'good of his health', he might have drifted off the smoking gradually. Or maybe gradually switched to Electrofag. In fact, a sudden switch to Electrofag might work because the 'habit' part is still there so there's far less stress involved in the change.

If this government, and those before it, were not so dim as to accept every pronouncement put to them by the utter arses that now rule the medical profession, and the gibbering, hideous freaks that run ASH, Alcohol Concern and all the rest of the deranged puppets of the Pharmers, I might actually meet someone else my age who isn't on some kind of medication they didn't know they needed until they went for 'a check-up'.

They are killing us with medication and 'health advice' which is not advice at all. It's an order. Yes, we pay them to order us around. They are killing off pensioners and the poor every winter with their global warming scam. Hospitals are approaching the point where you have more chance of winning the lottery than getting out alive and if you get through all that, the children their schools produce will get you on the way home.

We can't be dying fast enough. Now they want the death penalty. Presumably as an on-the-spot penalty to be enforced by snipers.

Forget the MPs. None are listening. Don't waste your clues on the clueless. Don't try talking to the likes of ASH, you cannot reason with those who have lost all reason. The EU? No point. That's like cattle trying to get the farmer to see their point of view.

Instead, talk to people. I have met many here who believe that the forthcoming ban on smoking in cars will really only apply to cars with children. It won't. It will apply to all private vehicles, even bicycles. Tell them that and they will scoff. Tell them anyway, and tell them the rest of it.

When that ban comes in - and it will, because the Welsh Assembly is full of the same dim, pompous, self-important dross as Westminster - then those people who scoffed at your prediction will stop scoffing.

Then they will wonder about the other things you told them. With any luck, some of them will start thinking for themselves for a change.


Aus_Autarch said...

Hi Leg-Iron,

Have you seen Penn & Teller's Bullshit on Second Hand Smoke? I think you'd like it.

subrosa said...

You're right there LI, insofar as it's 'expected' that anyone over a certain age must be taking pills of some kind.

Only this week I was at the dentist and once he'd given me my 3 minute examination, he asked me to complete a new 'medical history' questionnaire.

I completed it in the waiting room and handed it to the receptionist pleasantly remarking 'None of your business my alcohol or nicotine intake I don't think' .

Just as I reached the door I was called back. 'You've not completed the medication part' I was told. Yes I have, I answered. 'But it's blank' she replied. That's because I don't take pills unless it's absolutely necessary, I said.

As a parting shot I said 'If you're desperate for me to take pills, phone my GP and insist she puts me back on HRT. For that I'd be very grateful'.

The receptionist just looked bewildered when I said 'You may understand what I mean when you reach 65'.

We parted amicably. :)

Give them their due you can make appointments online and that's not bad for a small town dentist.

Glad you're enjoying the Mediterranean climate in Welsh Wales. Will boost your vitamin D for the Aberdeen winter.

Anonymous said...

Now, LI, thou goeth over the top. I am an old man (72). Some time ago, I started to have trouble weeing. I went to the doctor. I seems that I have a benign enlarged prostate gland. So I take a pill once a day and have no problems. If I fail to take the pill, I start to have the problem again. This condition is not dangerous - it is simply a nuisance and can be painful in a small way, but can also lead to bladder infections.

There are some things that the medical profession has been good for and that we should be thankful for. The unfortunate thing is that the health zealots have commandeered all the money. ASH is funded largely by the Health Dept!

Anonymous said...

The death penalty won’t come back, for the simple reason that it isn’t permitted for member states of the EU to have it – whether by state-approved vigilante minority-haters or implemented by the courts. Only if the EU itself enacted a law permitting it would we be permitted to allow it as well. That’s not out of the question, of course, but for them to make that move it would have to be in respect of a direct threat to themselves – after all, they’ve made it pretty clear that in their view the proles are merely a useful target for them to indulge in a bit of gratuitious bossing-about, so as far as they're concerned (and despite their artificial professed shock and outrage) the loss of a few of those isn't really that big a deal. And as everyone seems at the moment to be fooled into thinking that all those things they dislike are the work of their national parliaments rather than EU-generated (which is the whole idea, after all), that’s pretty unlikely.

All the time terrorists and loopies like Breivik are daft enough to go about blowing away perfectly harmless people of no influence in markets and shopping centres and on summer-camp islands rather than targeting anyone whose death might actually make those in power sit up and listen, they’ll just let things go on as they are.

So, for the death penalty to be re-instated, we’d first have to have THAT referendum about withdrawing from the EU altogether, and we all know what the result of that would be, don’t we? So, needless to say, it’ll never happen.

nisakiman said...

Same as that LI. I'm 62, and I don't take any drugs (none that are prescribed, anyway...:¬)). A friend of mine who has a bar here told me a few years ago that he'd started going to a local medical centre for a full "MOT" every year - "only a couple of hundred euros, and they check everything...", and suggested that maybe I should do the same.

I remember replying "Ken, to be honest mate, I don't really think I want to know."

He looked at me a little ruefully, and said "Yeah, maybe you're right. I've had to give up smoking, cut down on drinking and start eating all this low-fat shit."

Unfortunately, the regular check-up thing was his wife's idea, and she makes sure he sticks to his regimen, so he has no escape. And to be honest, he's half the man he used to be. I don't have that problem however, as my wife comes from a completely different culture, and is anyway 22 years younger than me, so doesn't think too much about age related health issues.

So I continue to smoke, drink, eat good food and not go to the doctor, since I am in rude health and fitter than most men ten years younger than me.

I'm sure it's because I don't worry about my health that I don't have problems with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not on any medication because I don't visit the doctor.

Doctors are supposed to be for when you are ill or damaged and I don't want to waste their time.

Apart from which, all those routine tests they started calling you in for, began to make me feel like there was a sword hanging over my head.

A sensation I can do without.


Anonymous said...

"Half the people I've met are popping more pills than Elvis and they're still sick."

Maybe it's because they're popping pills that they're getting sick?

Anonymous said...

Some while ago I was talking to an old friend of mine - a nurse - about smoking and drinking and such like, and she agreed that to give up anything very suddenly puts the body under a lot of stress, even if the change is one of the commonly-believed "good" changes. "Take my father," she said. "He's smoked for the last 60 years. If he gave it up now he'd be dead within five years!" It was said slightly tongue-in-cheek because at that point in time it seemed so unlikely that he would even contemplate the idea. But sure enough, just a year later he gave up. Totally unannounced. Cold turkey. Just like that. Gave up one morning and never touched another cigarette again. That was just over four years ago; sadly, I'm going to his funeral next Monday. And suffice to say that his last few years of life were neither happy nor healthy ones. He went from being a lively, life-loving, jolly old chap to being a rather sad and ailing one within the first six months and never really improved.

Anecdotal evidence? Coincidence? Well, maybe, but these anecdotes seem to be coming so thick and fast now that pretty soon they're going to outnumber the "official" statistics about increased longevity, improved physical health and mental wellbeing and the absence of "smoking related" illnesses in the wake of giving up tobacco.

Leg-iron said...

Aus_Autarch - Penn and Teller should be Government advisers.

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - dentists have a hell of a cheek to demand any such info, since so many of them refuse to treat people via the NHS they've paid for all their working lives.

Leg-iron said...

Junican - apparently a non-dangerous enlarged prostate is normal with age. Happens to just about everyone. Well, everyone with a dangly anyway. Unfortunately the enlargement does not extend to the external components.

Front line doctors are, I'm sure, mostly there to do what doctors are supposed to do, but they have to do what the higher-ups say if they want to stay in business.

The empty suits never feel the cuts. Only the real medics do. So the real medics have to follow the witchy way or they're cut.

It's the same in every government institution now.

Leg-iron said...

Anon 11:51 - the EU has been considering the death penalty for some time, as punishment for not agreeing with the EU.

They won't get support for that, but they will get support if it's 'for the cheeldren'. Watch for the first proposals to be death for the paedos who currently get let off with a few harsh words.

Leg-iron said...

Nisakiman - I have friends in a similar situation, which is why I ignore all those letters inviting me in for a check-up.

If there is something wrong, I'll go. If not, there is no reason to go.

Leg-iron said...

Rose - looking at the real figures, not the scare statistics, the chances of me dying of cold in my old age are higher than anything else. And nobody in government seems to mind.

Leg-iron said...

Anon 22:22 - when you look at the list of side effects, you have to wonder about that.

Leg-iron said...

Anon 22:53 - yes, the anecdotal evidence is piling up fast. Meanwhile there is not one proven case of death or illness from passive smoking, and yet the drones believe it will kill them.

Quitting cold turkey is almost as dangerous as Champix but nobody seems to mind smokers (or ex-smokers) dying. The smokophobes even delight in calling for snipers to hurry the process.

Health? It is not, and never was, about anyone's health.

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