Friday, 29 July 2011

A Holiday Ramble.

A day without the permanent pall of second-hand smoke that usually hangs over the entire country.

I know, you've all been told some fairy story about water vapour and 'clouds' but really it's the concerted efforts of millions of dedicated smokers that has protected you from that evil yellow ball all these years.

Now that smoking is in decline, you'll see skin cancer on the rise and it will be blamed on smoking, even though 'studies have shown' (ie. I convinced some bloke over a few beers) that it is, in fact, smoking that causes clouds. Without those clouds, expect the planet to warm as it did in Medieval times, when nobody could afford to smoke.

The slag-heap is just to the left. It's not 'sunset over slag-heap' yet but I'm working on it. That picture might make a good book cover one day, so I'll hang on to it.

In other news, I see Amy Winehouse is still dead, and the inevitable conspiracy theories are starting up. Mysterious strangers in the dead of night and all the rest of it. What a load of rot. She overdid the drink and drunks and hung around with the wrong sort of people. There's no more to it than that. I expect she has already been added to 'smoking related', 'drink related', 'drug related' and a few other lists of the dead so she's actually died multiple times.

Just like everybody else.

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Anonymous said...

For my money, I'd say "mad, and trying to self-medicate back to sanity" where Amy is concerned. As I read it, being famous was more than her rather fragile sanity could take for very long, and she lacked the courage to make the press leave her well alone.

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