Friday, 15 July 2011

For a few ciggies more.

It seems Councillor Bartlett was listening to the show all along and ignoring both his phone and the on-air calls for him to do what he said he'd do, and take part. I won't insult the poultry industry by calling him 'chicken', because chickens are veritable Rambos compared to this vaguely man-shaped invertebrate.

To be fair, it might have taken him half an hour to work out what the ringing sound was, because antismokers aren't very bright. Maybe he forgot his name and thought they were asking someone else to answer. Maybe he was washing his hair. The one on the left.

Anyway, Frank has a good summary of the occasion, and no doubt Dick Puddlecote will respond too.

I can't get there on Saturday. Damn. Never mind, stupidity as concentrated as Bartlett's must surely be contagious so there's bound to be a nearby councillor trying it soon.

I'm sure we'll all get a chance to play.


Pat Nurse MA said...

How about Wales next as they propose the draconian car ban?

greenie - the man with no shame said...

there are two kinds of people in this world - those who flick their fag-butts on the floor, and those who pick them up with latex gloves, take them home and see if they can salvage enough baccy to recycle it into a roll-up.

cross-contaminated comment said...


sounds like you're describing a man about as desperate as rupert murdoch - because when you start using your own organ to blow your own trumpet (or simply to clear it of a bucketful of spittle), you just know it's all going to fold.

totally unprofessional...i should know, i'm always trying to resolve personal issues via the medium of my own blog...and believe me it's a real bloody bore, though i say it myself.

Leg-iron said...

Pat - I know rhey are trying it In Scotland. Wales too? I'll be there next week.

Greenie - a long time ago, I was happy for people to follow the 'leave a long stub' advice.

ccc - nobody will ever find your blog if you don't sign in before commenting.

critical comment catastrophy in chernobyl said...


that's why i don't sign-in - it's full of highly flammable and radioactive material, much with of it with unknown half-lives...even i'm scared to go in there anymore.

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