Sunday, 10 July 2011

Apocalypse News.

Lots of mentions of the Murdoch 'empire' and his newspapers' filthy behavour in comments. From the drone-troll, admittedly. Yes, I can see the IP addresses.

Cards on the table.

I don't care.

Murdoch is a wrinkly old arse who thinks he's going to be forever king of the world and doesn't believe it will ever end. His closing down of the News of the World was a convenient way to get shot of a load of staff and save himself money. He thinks money is immortality and does not know that there is no such thing as either. If his electronic bank balance was converted into printed money it would decimate a rainforest. Most money does not exist. Neither does immortality. He worships both. Let him, it's his funeral.

I recall something along the lines of 'It is easier for a rich man to eye up a camel than for a poor man to take it to Heaven with a needle' and that's probably true. Money buys gratification. Religion promised eternity in an afterlife, now the new religion of science promises eternity in this one. Is that an improvement? How? When the entire human race looks like Keith Richard, are we better off?

I don't want an afterlife. One's enough. Oblivion sounds good to me. Besides, milk gives me the squits (you don't want that if I'm sat on a cloud) and the only sensible use for honey is mead. I can't play the harp and I don't want to have to cope with wings because I don't like heights.

So the Murdoch is playing with the world as if he actually matters. He doesn't have long left to do it, not even if he gets his skin ironed and his todger de-coked. He doesn't matter. Neither do you and neither do I. Humans are ephemeral, as is humanity. Ask Diplodocus. The planet we are on really does not give a speck of shit whether we rise to be Overlords of the Universe or whether we go the way of the ammonites.

We die out, it'll come up with something different. In ten thousand years, maybe Bluebottle News will be closed down for intercepting buzzing sounds. As for all those stars and planets we ooh and aah at, they don't even know we're here. There is no grand plan for humanity. There is no plan at all. Trying to implement one is just silly.

So I don't care about Rupert the Wrinkly-Nosed Murdoch or any of his clan, any of his employees, any of his Crystal-Tipps-haired sidekicks or any of his bought politicians. If he didn't buy them, someone else would. They are all for sale, just kerb-crawl around Westminster and there they are.

Really. I don't care.

I have only one thing to say in Murdoch's favour.

He played a decent bass when he was in Gorillaz.


Anonymous said...

I do not like that, LI - not at all. It is Eugenistic. Or rather post-eugenistic.I disagree with your nihilistic idea. If what you say is true, why do we care about anything? Why bother? Why bother about the smoking ban? Why not step over the dead bodies in the street? What does it matter?

What is intelligence? What is rational thinking? Why bother thinking?

If death is the end, every intelligent person should commit suicide as soon as he realises that fact. There really is no point in doing otherwise.

Thinkers must say, "I do not know".

Leg-iron said...

I am more hedonist than eugenecist.

Sure, the human race might go on to great things but looking at it now and extrapolating, it doesn't look likely.

Too many sheep and too many who think they are above human. Too many whpo look on their fellows as beneath them. No, the future does not look worth waiting for.

It could change and it would be nice to think it would. I am not hopeful. Certainly not in what is left of my one and only lifetime.

For me, I have no interest in any control over anyone else's life. I will refuse anyone else's control over mine.

Why care? Well, here and now, caring matters. Helping someone in trouble matters. Not to eternity but to those involved. We are not automata and we are not following a program. Eternity does not care what we do. That's up to us.

We can try to be the best we can be but let's not be under any illusions.

In the end, the rest of the universe won't even notice.

Zaphod said...

I seem to be the reason that the universe exists. If I hadn't turned up, all that preparation would have been wasted. Gosh, that makes me feel a bit humble!

Pete said...

Has Rupert Murdoch ever said that he loves money and wants to be immortal? I must have missed that press release.

Money is power. I'm sure Murdoch wants power and is intelligent enough to realize he can only have that power while he is alive. That's probably all he needs. If you are happy to be weak, Leg-iron, fair enough. Murdoch is happy to be strong. He probably doesn't feel inferior to people like you.

Leg-iron said...

Zaphod - some days I look at the eternity of spacetime and think 'Someone's just put that there to annoy me'.

Leg-iron said...

Pete - If having no desire to tell anyone else what to do is weak, then yes, I am happy to be weak.

As for strength, I don't define it in monetary terms. Nor in how high someone can lift a heavy thing.

Nobody needs to feel inferior to me. I don't consider anyone inferior, just different.

However, I do not recognise superiority in others either. Perhaps in specific respects as in 'that guy can plaster a wall without it looking like someone's thrown up on it', ie they are superior to me in a particular skill.

But never overall, and certainly not on the basis of how much money they have.

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