Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Frankenstein fury.

First off, congratulations to Pat Nurse for a successful day of letting the smokers of Lincoln know that they are not alone. Smokers, these days, are either solitary, lonely beings or huddled together in small groups. Pat's very public demonstration made clear to at least some of them that there are others out here enraged at the ban. They now know they are not the only ones who feel as they do.

When you start a ball rolling, you never know quite where it's going to end up. Well, that's certainly true of me in a bowling alley. Several balls have been set in motion this past week and it will be interesting to see if any reach an unstoppable momentum. I hope so. If only because the resulting war of fact vs. fiction will be most entertaining to see.

As for me, I will not be satisfied with a 'modification' of the smoking ban. I have adopted the same position as the opponent: no compromise. They took it all and I want it all back. No mercy, no half-measures, no compromise. I no longer care about 'the cheeeldren' at all, I don't care about your health or your taxes or your bloody NHS pensioner disposal service. I don't care about the rights of your nose or whether you are offended or whether you are inconvenienced by having to wash your hair once in a while. I don't care how much you hate me. Hate away, I'll send it back threefold. Five years ago you could have asked me to stop smoking near you and I would have been happy to just move away with no protest. Now, expect me to stub out my cigarette in your child's eye. You smokophobes did this to me and I hate you all the more for it. I never wanted to be a monster. You left me no other route. Don't bleat that I'm nasty to you now. You made me.

I have read many, many comments of 'Oh, I think we should be allowed to beat up smokers' from desperate cretins who think we're just going to cower and take it. I have lived on the streets and believe me, if you don't know how to defend yourself you don't last long. I can dodge or block a punch and I will not pull mine. You won't be in a position to hit me again for quite some time.

Train your children to snatch a cigarette from my mouth. Be ready to train them to eat without fingers. Assume I am stupid and feeble if you like. It is the greatest advantage I could ever ask for.

I don't care about the pubs, clubs, restaurants or cafes any more. They are dead to me. There are some, where I experienced the antismokers' patronising pomposity in the early days of the ban, that I would never again enter even if they made smoking compulsory in there. Make supermarket booze the same price as pub booze and I'll still buy it in the supermarket and take it to Smoky-Drinky. Crank up the price all you like, I can make beer or wine out of just about anything. I can't (well could, but it takes eight years) make whisky and I won't buy dodgy spirits because you never know what's in there, but I can continue smoking and drinking in good company even if the whole lot is banned. Pubs? They are lost to me. Why would I defend places that don't want me? Why would any smoker support places that exclude them while insisting that their exclusion is not a problem?

If my absence is not affecting your business then my return would not affect it either. So leave me alone and go fight your imaginary beasts without bothering me.

Look at the minds of these useless morons who consider themselves superior. Really look. They are the same ones who say we must have the porn film auditions at airports because it makes them feel safe. They are happy to have their entire body bombarded with ionising radiation but scream like little girls at a molecule of tobacco smoke. You cannot have a smoking area in a building the size of an airport but standing in a radiation beam is good for you. These are the minds who believe themselves intelligent. Their reasoning? "Well, I'm intelligent because I don't smoke." Hardly Einstein's version of science, is it?

What happens on their way home from another country, when there is no nudie scanner, nobody being strip-searched in public, nobody bent over a desk for a cavity search? What do they do then? Do they wail and cry that they might be getting on a plane with Death's recruiting officer and nobody is checking? No? Why not? Why isn't anyone concerned by the guy in black with a scythe in the overhead locker? At Heathrow he would have been searched down to the bone, so why not in Beijing? Don't they care about you? Aren't you precious to them?

No, like good little sheep they do as they are told and get on the plane anyway. Because they have no minds of their own. They will accept any old rubbish. A feature I can make use of, and have for fun in the past and for malice in the present. Find the prejudice and give them the information they need to boost that prejudice. It doesn't have to be true and for most of them, it doesn't even need to be plausible. It just has to match the prejudice.

It is horribly easy. Appallingly effortless. Give me a few racists and I can give you back the next Nazi party. Give me some antidrinkers and I can give you back the New Puritans (actually I think someone else already did that). Look at some of the utter shite in the news. Phones give you cancer. No they don't. Yes they do. No they don't. Meat gives you cancer. No it doesn't. Yes it does. Booze is bad for you but booze is good for you. Asthma is on the rise because of smoking which is on the decline. Terrorists will get on your plane in Heathrow but not in Madrid, because train bombs happen in London but not in... hey, hang on. Have you noticed how few people say 'Hey, hang on a minute' these days?

An already dim population, education based on indoctrination rather than reality, news that presents the opposite information today from that it presented yesterday, and you have one malleable mass of humanity that really, genuinely, will believe any damn thing you can make up. I am not Derren Brown and don't need to be. The Righteous have known about the enhancement of prejudice and the ease of its use for a very, very long time.

ASH have made full use of this innate idiocy. They push nicotine patches containing nicotine which is deadly if you brush against a smoker but perfectly safe if you stick a concentrated slab of it to your skin. Why not just tape a tobacco leaf to your arm? You can grow it in the garden, *erm* so I hear.

Snus are banned because they are a form of chewing tobacco and therefore deadly to the cheeldren. Instead we are expected to pay stupid prices for nicotine gum which does the same thing - because chewing gum is far less attractive to the cheeeldren than a little bag of tobacco. Believe it. You are instructed to believe it so you must believe it. And the sheeple say 'Baaa' and absorb the nonsense they are fed.

Most people are a lost cause. They will be lucky to achieve sentience within their programmed lives and if any Greenies are nodding at this - I mean you too. These people are the ground the war is fought on, not the soldiers fighting it. The Righteous care nothing for the trampled ground but those of us on the other side, unfortunately, do.

We don't want to see individual people hurt. The Righteous care nothing for the individual. Whether we argue about smoking, drinking, salt, fat, waist size, anything, we real people argue on the basis of the individual. The Righteous argue on the basis of farm-like conformity. In their minds, if farmers can grow pigs to a consistent 80kg for slaughter, then all species, including humans, can be fitted to conformity. The fact that pigs are fed and housed to specifically meet slaughterhouse requirements is nothing to them. It works for pigs and it will work for you.

The Righteous mind is simultaneously kind and cruel. They really believe they know what is best and they honestly cannot understand why anyone would rebel against their perfect vision. Anyone who does is either possessed by the Devil or in the pay of Big Tobacco or Big Booze or whatever form the devil takes these days. Nothing changes, but Satan must surely soon call for a time-out.

Here is the Righteous mind. They want you to live forever. They really do. They want you to give up all things that might prevent this and to live in perfect health for all time. But you spoil it. You get old. You get frail and wrinkly. You get dementia. You get brittle bones. You get cancer. They have given you the route to eternity and you have messed it up. You are a failure and deserve eradication. It is your fault. Every Single One Of You. You got it wrong. They didn't.

All this modern obsession with youth comes from this root cause of 'Never Die'. The vampire obsession is the same - better to be a leech than dead. A new religion of Parliament, perhaps.

My life has involved a tremendous amount of booze, tobacco, salt, fat, what the hell I felt like . It has also involved days where 'five-a-day' meant thinking "I wish I had something to eat/drink/smoke within the next five days." I am now over 50 and the NHS, I hope, think I'm already dead so they won't need to kill me. Your taxes are not paying for my NHS treatment because I'm not getting any. My taxes are paying for yours, therefore you should be culled as a drain on the NHS. That's fair, isn't it? Your rules, antismokers. You chose this path. Don't whine when I follow you along it.

I am, and have been for some time, trying to put across what the Righteous really think. It's not easy. It's like trying to explain maglev trains to a drunk bacterium on Mars. This does not denigrate the Martian bacteria. The point is that the concept of this manner of thought is so alien to humanity that it is almost impossible to get anyone to even believe it exists.

It exists. You don't need Icke lizards to explain it. Not least because reptiles are not this shitty to each other.

The Righteous mind does not care about you or the guy behind you. It does not care about its front-line drones at all. They are expendable. All it needs is popular opinion and that is easily manipulated.

If you want to fight this enemy you have to think like them even if it disgusts you. If it doesn't, you're one of them. Attempts at compromise mean only that you are unsure of your position. You believe absolutely or you don't believe at all. There is no middle ground. The people in between are the battlefield, not the soldiers. Use them or let the enemy use them. There is no such thing as compromise.

Cruelty is the name of the game. The difference is that the Righteous don't see it as cruelty and will not stop if they win.

We do and (I hope) we will.

If we don't, well, I don't care that much any more. Antismokers did that to me.


Budvar said...

The reason pigs today produce fast growing high meat/low fat carcasses, has little to do with diet/living conditions and more to do with selective breeding being they're hybrid crosses.

If you take old breed pigs like Gloucester old spot or Wessex saddleback, and feed them a modern high protein ration and house them in modern pig facilities, they wont just turn into quick growing lean pigs no matter how hard you try.

I think your example using pigs is a good one, and a close examination shows the eugenics movement behind the anti-smoking/drinking/fatty foods dipshits.

Pat Nurse MA said...

As DP is planning a protest on Stony Stratford hot on the heels of our protest in Lincoln, it looks like that ball might indeed be rolling LI. Let's hope so and plan in advance where next - heh heh heh

caroline bourne - middle england's answer to sarah palin said...

clear orff cameron, your time is up - i propose to abolish parliament and the monarchy and to rule as supreme hostess over whatever's left of the greater british family of nations after the impending series of divorce actions.

don't fret leg-iron, i'll have this residence ship-shape and under manners in two ticks.

smokervoter said...

Quick story LI. The year was 1976 and my girlfriend and I were in a movie theatre watching the Beatles movie Let It Be. It was customary and completely normal to smoke during the show back then. A chronically offended flower child seated behind me screamed out for me to put it out. I told her to go to hell and went right on smoking. My girlfriend fumed about it for about a minute and attacked the little Green Goddess in her seat. I jumped up and punched her boyfriend in the mouth. Management came and threw the four of us out. Outside the theatre now, I went for Round Two on the guy and smacked him again. The two of them ran away into the night screaming something about us being crazy redneck brutes.

I aged and mellowed and looked back on it with some trepidation. They were right and I was wrong.

That is up until about three years ago when this whole War on Smoking drastically started ratcheting up. Rough tough anti's should proceed with the utmost caution with me, history can repeat. They made me.

Chalcedon said...

Einstein smoked a pipe.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are just too long. same old shite most of the time. chillout.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - I'm afraid I'm used to dealing with people who have somewhat longer attention spans than the average chimp.

Content, well, if you're paying me to write, you get to tell me what you want. Nobody is paying me so I write what I want.

As for same old shite, hang on to your hat because there's another one due any minute. It'll be shorter, you'll be pleased to hear.

And I'll chill when I can do it in a pub again. Until then, it's rage all the way.

Leg-iron said...

Budvar - most of the stock I've dealt with have been large white x landrace. That seems common in the UK. I suspect, as you say, they've been chosen to fit the growing conditions rather than the other way around.

Leg-iron said...

Pat - let's hope that ball picks up momentum on the way. There are signs of panic among the Righteous and that's always fun.

Leg-iron said...

Smokervoter - I used to have consideration for others, but now I've seen what I can expect in return, I've changed my attitude somewhat.

Leg-iron said...

Chalcedon - so do I. It's big and it's clever. Einstein is proof.

socially beneficial by-product of skinned-cats (if in the correct hands) said...


and god knows what he put in it...the kooky old codger came up with the theoretical physics used to construct the nuclear bomb. not a good advert for smoking, at all.

bourne twee said...


your manners are as appalling as your punctuation - if you wish to be taken seriously in comment sections such as these, i suggest you divert some of your expenditure from the local narcotics dealer and invest in a good finishing school, there are plenty around, you know.

Ken said...

The people in between are the battlefield, not the soldiers.


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