Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Readers and their wives wanted.

I have been unresponsive recently because of working. Not proper working, making-stuff-up working.

The follow-up story to Jessica's Trap is done. Well, it has been through all the hammering I can give it. Now I need a few folk to tell me where the crap parts are.

Anyone interested?


jones said...


How do I get a draft?

Richard said...

(Leave a door open?


I'm willing.

The Underdoug said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Jessica's Trap - I'd be honoured to help you get your personal man with a van.

More Bifrons please. More, more!

Have sent you my email address to your smokydrinky email bin.

Richard said...

Done likewise.

Mark Wadsworth said...

As a complete grammar fascist and pedant, I ought to offer my services, I have emailed you.

Shinar's Basket Case said...

*sharp intake of breath and shake of head*

Doesn't look good I'm afraid , darlin'. Looks like your contextual juxtapose-ationals have gone and your sub plot has got some rust.

Could be pricey.

You just can't get the parts these days.

...although I suppose I might find a 3/8ths left handed widget font somewhere that could fit. Cost you ,mind.


LegIron, seriously now, I can't spell for shit and my syntax puts the 'syn' into 'sin' but I'd be honoured to proof read for 'Shit That Don't Make No Fucking Sense Cos He Was Drunk When He Wrote It'

Anonymous said...


Have emailed you.

Leg-iron said...

jones - Email is in the sidebar.

Everyone else - it's on the way.

No, I'm not concerned about anyone 'stealing' it. It's 80,000 words and not necessarily in the right order. Besides, in these days of Ebooks there is no point getting tense about copies floating around because once it's published in PDF format, nobody has any control over it at all.

In the old days, we'd lose sales over second-hand books. Now we lose sales over file copies. Writers can fret about it or forget it. I choose not to fret.

Anyway, I'm already working on the next three :)

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