Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The lighter side.

Iceland has taken the 'smokers are all addicts' mantra to its logical extreme and now proposes to prescribe tobacco to smokers.

I can barely type for laughing. You smokophobes brought this about, and now you will not only be paying for any possible future treatment I might need, you'll be paying for my baccy too! I'm in Scotland so prescriptions are free. Fan bloody tastic. Bring it on! The sooner the better.

As an isolated island, Iceland arguably stands a greater chance of success with such draconian measures than other nations.
With no neighbouring countries and rigid customs controls at ports and airports, it will be difficult for anyone to smuggle in contraband cigarettes.

Why would anyone bother if they can get it on prescription? A master class in not-getting-it, right here.

Oh, and if the NHS decides to stop treating smokers like they do in Sweden, prepare for a no-win-no-fee charge of extortion, guys. We're playing your game by your rules now. No compromise.


Anonymous said...

I am struggling to understand why there is such a concerted attack on smoking and drinking and obesity. We know that these and other lifestyle choices cost more in the medium term but cost significantly less than the costs of excessive longevity and the diseases of old age. So is this a kick the can down the road exercise? If all smokers quit and regained the alleged 14 years of lost life they would still attract all the excessive costs of old age plus many years of pensions. We can't afford pensions as they stand, will the increased life expectancy result in a further deferment of retirement? Once Government have eradicated early death and costs will they also have to eradicate retirement or will the next step be to find a way of preventing people retiring? The longer people live and work the worse it will be for the Country, we are already seeing a generation that cannot get work. What happens when the baby boomers hit peak in 10-15 years time? The boomers retiring now will be an enormous drain on the NHS and other services whist the total numbers drawing pensions will be crippling for a bankrupt Country.

How will the Government compensate for the lost revenue from tobacco and alcohol, not just duty and VAT but all the corporation taxes and income tax and NI from employers and employees? Tax the middle classes even more? Cut spending? What about the added costs to the benefit bills as people lose their jobs and the cascade effect as wholesalers, retailers and service contractors decline or close?

I know they will argue that jobs just transfer to another industry or service etc etc. I think they said the same about the industrial north when industries were destroyed but as we all know if it were not for people working for the state the north and Scotland would be wastelands.

Oh and Salmond (spit) will charge for tobacco on prescription AND severely limit what you get.

Anonymous said...

These control freaks are nowt but a bunch of pikey bastards!
-PSOK ;-)

Curmudgeon said...

Of course there's no cannabis, cocaine or heroin in Iceland, is there? Apart from on prescription. Oh, hang on...

James Higham said...

Free flights to Iceland?

Willy said...


Doctors and pharmacies on the payroll of Big Tobacco?

Anonymous said...

Won't it cost a fortune to pay for doctor visits?


petem130 said...

The duality of the protagonists is quite astonishing.

You smoke. In doing so you hand over ridiculous amounts of duty money. They duty money is collected and spent by the government. If, and it's still not absolutely clear, you get ill with some illness the medical people view as being cigarette related you need treatment. The costs of that treatment are more than covered by you NI and the duty. Mix in alcohol and you're in even more credit.

We all have freedoms which goody two shoe lefties want to see withdrawn. It took a long time for them to get to their positions and it will take a long time to get them out of them but it can and will be done.

The sooner the better.

Leg-iron said...

Curmudgeon - oh, let them deny. They do so enjoy it.

Leg-iron said...

petem - Yes, we have more than covered the cost of treatment, and we don't all need any.

The problem is not the cost. The problem is that the money we paid in for future treatment has all been spent.

And that does not just apply to smokers.

Antismokers are not 'paying for my habit'. They're just paying. The dopes can't see it.

Leg-iron said...

Damo - you mean they'll deliver? Result!

Although I doubt a doctor will get into my house. Not while I'm conscious anyway.

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