Saturday, 30 July 2011

Snowolf has moved.

The one that was really most unhappy about things has left Blogger and moved to his own piece of internet tundra.

Lots of people are doing this, the big advantage being that Blogger can't declare them 'unsuitable for tender eyes' or remove them or generally bugger things up.

I'm going to have to look into this.


Slamlander said...

You really should consider it. Wordpress running on a Swisscom server is pretty immune from anything that BT or your social controllers might want to do.

Yes, there is but they are in the States and not immune from US Feral Gov interference.

microdave said...

Just don't become too popular, or your server operator might throw a wobbly, as happened to Max Farquar!

microdave said...

And according to "Flagfox", Snowolf is hosted in the UK, so it's questionable what benefits his move might have.

Snowolf said...

Yes, sure is hosted in the UK.

This is about heading off cock-up rather than conspiracy. I'm just rapidly losing confidence in Google's ability to get the job done, their operations are getting increasingly half arsed as they diversify at an alarming rate, it'll not be long before they start making picnic tables and breeding giraffes. Fans of the marvellous Jasper Fforde will nod sagely when I mention the 'Goliath' corporation. So I decided to go to the toast marketing board.

If cock-up moves to conspiracy, there's nothing to stop me bundling up the whole package and moving it elsewhere.

Thanks for the promo, Leg-Iron.

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