Sunday, 10 July 2011

A real Fry boy.

Oh dear.

It's all falling apart, isn't it, Righteous?


Stewart Cowan said...

This is what the National Obesity Forum is actually promoting, including aspartame-induced obesity! -

I'll stick with the sugar, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't get me to one of Tam Fry's lectures for a gold pig. And it maybe uncharitable to mention it, but..... Mr Fry's polo shirt is suspiciously baggy

Incidentally, look at the powerpoint in the background, it's about him, no doubt written by him, presented by him, what might this tell us? Yep.

Pete said...

Has Rupert Murdoch ever said that he loves money and wants to be immortal? I must have missed that press release.

Money is power. I'm sure Murdoch wants power and is intelligent enough to realize he can only have that power while he is alive. That's probably all he needs. If you are happy to be weak, Leg-iron, fair enough. Murdoch is happy to be strong. He probably doesn't feel inferior to people like you.

Anonymous said...

Coke Zero--aka Bloke coke contains a sweetener that is banned in the usa for causing cancer.

It seems they got 240 rats and fed them the sweetener plus saccharin at a rate equivalent to a human drinking 350 cans of coke per day and 8 of the poor little buggers got bladder cancer.

Am I supposed to take that seriously at any level at all?

jones said...

If the rats all smoked heavily then you should.

Carcinogen city maaan.....

jones said...

Bugger...meant to say 'carcinogen synergy maaan'......

Leg-iron said...

The cancer risk is overblown for just about anything other than oil products. It's the new bogeyman.

As for sweeteners, I avoid them because they make my guts dodgy. As my father used to say, 'I could shit through the eye of a needle'.

The cancer part doesn't worry me. They don't stay in me long enough to do that.

Leg-iron said...

Pete - I answered your comment on the last post. There's one more thing to consider.

Money only has power over people who want money. There are things I will never do, and things I will never stop doing, no matter how much money you offer.

Some things are not for sale, and money can have no power over those things.

Pete said...

My apologies, Leg-iron. I had no idea you were a socialist.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

I'm not going to pit my judgement against the Dirty Digger. I am Australian, so I grew up with him.

Murdoch is driven in a way we don't understand. If you had £10m in clear funds, would you show up for work at 0700 tomorrow? Or, because LI has been listening to 'Imagine' too much, if you has a house and food and everything you needed to keep you alive, would you go out?

I do not think that LI is a socialist. The pursuit of money for many of us reveals the diminishing returns of sacrificing the quality of your life to pay for a Nigerian to pump out children in a hospital for which I pay.

Self-sufficiency is the antithesis of socialism. I wish that I could do it.

Leg-iron said...

Socialist... ha ha ha.

Socialists are obsessed with money (other people's) and with control over others.

If you really must have a label, call me 'antisocialist' and interpret it any way you like. Or pick another label. It really doesn't matter.

How about 'Stinky Smoker' or 'Vile Drinker' or just plain 'Scum'? I won't mind at all. I've been called worse.

I'm just me, and labels can't change that. Categorise me however you want.

Just don't expect me to try to fit.

Anonymous said...

Someone, using a variety of aliases, is peppering LI's blog with inconsequential mumbo-jumbo.

This particular item is about corruption in fake charities. It is not about politics as such.

Stick to the point. ASH receives funding from the Gov and The Chemical Industry, and yet they complain about anyone who receives funding from the Tobacco Industry. ASH is A FRONT for the Health Dept and The Chemical Industry. They are hypocrites.


Whoever this person is, he/she is intent upon wasting your time. that is all. Eradicate it.

Leg-iron said...

Junican - they are wasting more of their time than mine. I know this game well, and I've been playing it for a long time.

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