Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It had to come.

Salt is as addictive as smoking.

The slight difference, which nobody seems to have noticed, is that you don't die if you run out of cigarettes.

But hey, I am happy for all the antismokers to eradicate all salt from their diets. I will be delighted to encourage them in this venture, and to explain to them how deadly the white powder is. It even looks like heroin! Oh, it MUST be evil! Studies have shown it to be so.

The complete eradication of salt from these people's diets will improve my retirement years immensely. Something to work towards, definitely.


Bill Sticker said...

Mm-hm, Hyponatremia. Symptoms of which are headaches, dizziness, seizures or even coma. Messes up your kidneys, hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Can ruin the rest of your (Shortened) life.

All the more pension money for you, huh?

Anonymous said...

Utter twoddlebollocks! We NEED salt especially on chips ;)

palmerglynp said...

The science is settled; didn't you know?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

From last year - salt is like cocaine....


Amusing Bunni said...

Salt isn't that bad. I read somewhere, I forgot now, that like everything else, it's all hyped up. Eat, drink, smoke, do whatever you want. It won't kill you, and you gotta die from something anyway, so you might as well have fun along the way.

Meanwhile the pea brained pos out here lectures the USA to "eat your peas". Yeah, that will fix things, NOT.

Leg-iron said...

Bill - no problem. They'll attribute all the symptoms to the sight of smoker on TV and do nothing about them until it's too late.

Anon - chips without salt is what they feed the most evil souls in Hell. That, and Pot Noodles.

palmerglynp - you mean the pseudoscience is settled. It always is.

Gordon - well it's the same colour so it must be true.

Bunni - excess salt removal is what we have kidneys for. You'd really have to crank up the salt intake to overcome them and you'll know if you do because it'll start to hurt. A couple of grams over a random-number recommendation won't do it.

Six grams a day. Whether your body mass is six stone or sixty, you are to take in exactly the same amount of salt. And everything else.

It's time the medics realised they are not dealing with a set of textbook clones.

Bill Sticker said...

You know Leggy, I truly think we are living in an "Age of stupid". I see parallels with the 1930's with all this cranky stuff like second hand smoke, climate change, and no-salt diets. It's like some collective insanity has oozed out into the world. Certain people's fear of the future has transmogrified into these petty little issue-anxieties.

Maybe we need a really big war, say like WW2 to clear the air. That's what was needed to kill the last big 'Green' movement. Reference Kibbo Kift and associated 'Green Shirt' movements.

Leg-iron said...

Bill - in the current war in Afghanistan, our soldiers are not to fire on enemy soldiers planting bombs in case they upset them.

War? With this lot in charge? We'd be lucky to get approval for a custard pie fight.

At some point we are likely to have a King Charles again, but not a Cromwell. The Puritans are already in power. Puritans on one side, King Charles on the other, everyone else in the middle - we've been here before.

Unfortunately they don't get to hear about that in schools any more. Well, they might get a history lesson they won't forget, the way things are developing.

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