Friday, 7 May 2010

Lemonbit Opaque.


Farewell then,
Lembit Opik.

You had
the silliest name
In parliament

And the
Silliest specs too

But now you have
The silliest name
Somewhere else.

We don't much care where.


John Pickworth said...

Not just Limp Biscuit. Here are some other highlights....

Charles Clarke - Defeated, Norwich S.

Jackboot Jacqui - Defeated, Redditch.

Gillian Merron - Defeated, Lincoln.

Ed Balls - Holds seat (but only just)

Clive said...

So fared another clerk with astronomy;
He walked into the fields for to pry
Into the stars, to learn what should befall,
Until into a cess-pit he did fall;
He saw not that.

-- Geoffrey Chaucer, The Miller's Tale

Lembit said...

You're a cheeky boy leggy ! I'll be back.

Dioclese said...

I have discovered your true identity - you are E.J.Thribb aged 3 and 1/2

Anonymous said...

Don't knock old Lemsip!

The fact that a bloke looking like that could find himself hanging out of the back of a Cheeky Girl gives hope to us all.

microdave said...

Lembit got some stick on HIGNFY tonight, but took it well, and fired a few salvos back. He even produced a harmonica and played a few bars....

gendeau said...

Perhaps we should henna tattoo who we voted for on our foreheads.

For the next few weeks we could ask the mongs why they kept Blears / Bercow / Balls / Bradshaw in power - before locking them up (there are tempting alternatives, but I'd prefer to live in a democracy)

Anybody voting for Gorgon Brownstain would be permanently tattooed before pioneering the newly opened planet Mercury exploration base - seeing as they like living in hell.

Leg-iron said...

If that was the real Lembit (which I doubt) - dammit man, get some proper glasses.

You look as if you're peering at the world through a letterbox.

Mr A said...

Gillian Meron has gone? Fantastic!

Anyone have an email for her? I want to send her a simple four word email:

"Can't smoke, won't vote."

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