Saturday, 29 May 2010


It's Friday night and normal people are out enjoying themselves. I'm writing science sales pitch for new projects, cranking up the hype on a method for a new client (first samples at discount for hooking purposes - I learned that one from the banks) and generally smoking and drinking too much just because it annoys the Righteous that I can do all these things at once. I hope to get enough done to leave time to visit Smoky-Drinky tomorrow night. I missed last week's.

So, instead of a rant, here's a bit of wisdom from Hamster Girl.

If you haven't seen that film, be aware it's way beyond 'weird'. I mean, it's over-the-horizon stuff even for David Lynch.


fraser said...

Beyond weird!Fucking hell you need a "smokey drinky" to get your nut a round that,i hope that geezer at the end isn't god??

Anonymous said...

Good job you don't get involved with "Dwile Flonking" - It now breaks excessive drinking rules...

Leg-iron said...

Fraser - the geezer is 'Eraserhead'. I would tell you why he's called that but it would spoil the film and you wouldn't believe me anyway.

Anon - yep, all those real-ale drinkers who thought the Ban Brigade would leave them alone because it wasn't 'chavvy' beer.

Once they get a taste for banning things there's no stopping them.

Anonymous said...

"The geezer is 'Eraserhead'"

I honestly thought it was Morrissey.

w/v- vationex. I think I have some of that in the medicine cupboard

Leg-iron said...

He's as miserable as Morrissey but without the droning voice or the gladioli.

Then again, he has good reason to be miserable.

Don't watch it sober. It makes no sense sober.

It makes no sense drunk either but at least it's funny that way.

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