Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pre-election angst,

Tonight I am practising for tomorrow night with a bottle of Bunnahabhain and I have twelve samples of stinky pig crap to deal with tomorrow so I won't practise too hard. Smoking destroys your sense of smell? Oh, I wish there were even the slightest hint of truth in that. As it is, a hangover and twelve pots of pig poo is not a desirable combination no matter how many I smoke.

I also have a voucher for £6 off in Tesco if I spend more than £40. Lagavulin is £40 in there. An idea is forming... a very good, sensible and logical idea.

I still have to decide who to vote for tomorrow. The BNP or the Tories. The BNP will repeal the smoking ban, the Tories will repeal the foxhunting ban. It's a tough choice for a smoker who actually quite likes foxes.

On the other hand, the BNP want to kick out immigrants and I'm third generation but not Anglo-Saxon. They'd get to me eventually. On the third hand (the antismokers give us an infinite number of hands) it might not be totally a bad thing, getting repatriated at someone else's expense to somewhere less Stasi-oriented and sunnier. I'm not the only one thinking that way.

On the fourth hand, I wouldn't want to be the one whose vote led to the Fourth Reich. But on the fifth hand, would it really be any worse than five more years of Labour, or even five more years under any of the EU-Aryan parties? Would it? Really? It doesn't look like it to me.

In the run-up to the election, Labour's multicultural society have done this and this and this and this. Now this is pure BNP vote-on-a-plate stuff. It is surprising they are not on to a majority on the back of Labour's efforts to put them in power. As it is, it will come as no surprise to find, on Friday, that they have a seat or two. I, for one, welcome our new 'send-me-somewhere-nice' overlords.

So the BNP have to be wrecked and this has been attempted by their website guy. What an idiot. What a total Kerry McCarthy of a web presence they had there. No other sensible party would have... oh.

It matters not at all. We webbies are not the BNP target vote. They are stealing Labour voters, who use the internet for games and porn and learn about the news by reading the Daily Mirror on the toilet. They will not even hear about this new BNP scandal (if you can call it that in relation to the other parties) until well after the election.

So the BNP are accused of infighting, wasting donations and having weak leadership. Sounds to me like they are ready for the mainstream.

BNP or Tory. It's going to bug me until I place that X. Neither will win here so both are a protest vote but they are at diametrically opposite ends of the political spectrum. So do I protest about socialism first, or about the smoking ban?

Might be easier to just move out. On the other hand it might be more fun to stand as a candidate.

Decision over the weekend, I think. Voting decision by 10pm tomorrow and it might go to the wire this time.

I can't not-vote. If I don't vote, how can I complain about the ones I didn't vote for?


Frank Davis said...

It's a tough choice for a smoker who actually quite likes foxes.

So vote Tory.

Then you'll be able to smoke foxes.

Radio Free Britain said...

The BNP is divided between Nazi gansters and honeat decent people, the good people do the work and raise the cash and Griffin divides up the cow to his senior henchmen.

No UKIP candidate then..


John Pickworth said...

I'm voting for Robert Mugabe.... just to fuck with his head ;-)

John Pickworth said...

Actually, I still don't know who to vote for?

Solid Tory English rural seat... the one with the moat ;-) Although the former claimant is standing down.

2005 result:
Conservative: 26855 (50.3%)
Labour: 14150 (26.5%)
Liberal Democrat: 9710 (18.2%)
UKIP: 2682 (5%)

Also, have BNP standing this time too.

Would consider voting LibDem just to help push Labour into an embarrassing third pace but their chap looks more leftie than the Labour toff.

You know, I might just not bother.

We'll likely be doing this all over again in a few months anyway.

Pavlov's Dalek said...

I'm refusing to vote. After long considering voting for UKIP, I've decided not to debase myself with this stupid ritual of FPTP where it counts for Nothing. If us tax livestock had any kind of hope for changing things we'd have PR by now. Was tempted to vote for a party that wants to shrink the state, only to fall into disgust at myself because voting for fringe parties basically amounts to begging; Please please please give us some voice of integrity against the mainstream sham and it'll never happen.

And so I will walk away with my dignity.

Will not participate in the soap opera designed to lull me into consenting to a biased, backwards and insane system.

Anonymous said...

And no one could blame you Pavlov's Dalek. As for me, I will be voting BNP.

Seems to me Leg-iron, that you are being strangely drawn towards them. Well, whatever the case, I think the real test for the BNP after the election will be whether they start to get themselves sorted out vis-a-vis proper sets of accounts and a lot more maturity. Maybe, you will be keeping an eye on that like me?

Young Mr. Brown said...


If you are seriously thinking of standing for parliament at the next election - you might want to consider the possibility that someone will publicly ask you "How did you vote in the last election?"

I don't honestly know how I'd vote if I were in your shoes, but I would probably, very reluctantly, spoil my ballot. Reluctantly, because I don't like doing it.

Captain Ranty said...

"So vote Tory....Then you'll be able to smoke foxes."

I think if we vote Tory they will fox smokers.


Balding Nobhead said...

Its funny. I started out hating the BNP, but their policy of 'run your business as you see fit or we'll pay you fifty grand to fuck off' has won me over. They have my vote.

Chuckles said...

I suppose, like all such, hold your nose, and vote. You could try the thioacetone perfuming and air freshening treatment? said...

Not voting gives you the most leeway to complain. By voting for one of the parties some will say you have consented to the system and you just have disagreements about X regulation. By not voting you can call them all out as the liars and thieves that they are without feeling dirty in the slightest.

Incidentally this common meme "If you don't vote you can't complain" was almost certain started by statists in the first place, probably first put in people's heads in public education and then reinforced repeatedly through the state broadcasting networks.

prm said...

@Young Mr. Brown. I also, very reluctantly, came to the same conclusion. In my area it's a LD MP, who will get in again. The others? Cons, Lab, BNP, Green and a couple of Independants. Can't do the main three or the two extremists (I could never vote for intolerant green socialists or racist national socialists). One of the Indies is a socialist, so no, the other speaks for the Voice of the Animals, so, er, no. Not even a UKIP protest vote to be had. I am gutted as I believe strongly in voting but I simply have no one who represents me to vote for. So I am reduced to having to write 'None of the Above' on my ballot.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at who the Twitter population want to see in power:

Anonymous said...


I have to agree with on the not voting issue. This is the path I have followed here in Canada for many years now, with no available Libertarian party candidate and no other party representing my political views. Low voter turnout (not voting) also sends a message you are unhappy with the status quo.

In your case, I would vote BNP as they will never form a government anyway. Consider it the angry smoker option. Otherwise you may find you have voted for a bunch of assholes who will actually get elected.

Another option I would like to see but we don't have available, is the ability to vote against a specific party where the vote becomes a -1 deduction. The only problem here is it would be difficult to choose between Labour and the Green Party who would each compete for my negative vote.

Expat living in Canada

smokervoter said...

As a very far-off observer (5,141 miles, 8,274 kms, 4,468 nautical miles according to Wolfram) I must say the suspense is killing me. Whoever you end up voting for, I hope they somehow get the message that smoking discrimination, prohibition and the all around state-sanctioned hate campaign has to end, and it has to end sooner and not later. How about voting Tory and then informing them that you'll not be voting for them in the next round unless this message sinks in to their thick skulls. If they're anything like our Republicans, they're half way there philosophically. Hold their feet to the fire, change them from within or ditch them I say. Whatever you do, keep up the good work with this great blog...

John Pickworth said...

Still can't decide.... Bahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Why not try one of these?

John Pickworth said...

I'd vote for that :-)

Leg-iron said...

I finally came to a decision on the most important matter of the day.

I have a bottle of Ardbeg for the evening.

Oh, and I worked out a way to use my vote constructively in the limited range available.

Anonymous said...

I live in Dagenham and a lot of the people there wanted Labour out.
The BNP and UKIP together polled a few thousand votes.
Labour got back in with about a 2 thousand majority.
So the voters that voted for the smaller parties got the Labour back in.

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