Thursday, 27 May 2010

ID or not ID, that is the question.

The new Cleggeron government have decided to scrap ID cards as both halves of the Cleggeron promised. They cost the country a fortune and serve no purpose. Along with the cards, they plan to destroy its associated database. Sounds good to me. They still won't help out the smokers and they are still going to hit the drinkers and chubbies next, so don't cheer to loudly or they might notice you too.

They aren't scrapped yet, but they have promised to do it within 100 days. There is a time limit on this promise and if they fail, it's not going to look good.

Those who supported this ridiculous scheme by paying £30 for a card are not going to get their money back. Good. Let that be a lesson to them all. Don't be so quick to support insane restrictive laws in the future. Keep that card to remind you.

That's what's happening around the front. Round the back, in Scotland, plans are afoot to make sure everyone has ID on them all the time or they'll get no fizzy beer. That's right, even Granny with her bottle of sherry will have it confiscated at the checkout if she doesn't have her passport with her.

All this 'check anyone who looks under 25' nonsense has an obvious aim. To acclimatise everyone to the idea that nobody under 25 should be buying alcohol. Then, when the age limit is raised, everyone will say 'Oh? I thought it was already 25.'

It won't affect me until they raise it to 51 but it won't stop at 25 and we all know it. I'll then be hanging around outside the supermarket until a 52-year-old comes along who can be bribed into buying a bottle for me. Just like all the kids do now, and will continue to do no matter how high that age limit goes.

So, while the Cleggeron are scrapping ID cards, the Oily Fish is in cahoots with the Scottish Layabout Party to make it essential to carry ID.

One way or another, we'll be presenting our papers to the Stasi in the future.


banned said...

How I chortled when the newsreader said that all existing cards would be cancelled; much the same reaction to hearing about HIPs being abandoned forthwith leaving those fools who paid to have themselves trained up when they must have known that the 'industry' might have a very short lifespan. Back to issuing parking tickets for them methinks.

As you rightly suggest, major alcohol retailers have been upping the age thingey for some time, possibly related to this which I possted yesterday at my place.

"Terry Leahy, CEO Tesco PLC, reckons banning below cost retailing of alcohol is a good thing, well he would say that wouldn't he? Being by far the UKs biggest retailer Tesco can command discounts from suppliers way above most of their competitors, if smaller outlets are not allowed to sell for less than they pay, Tesco will be able to make one penny per unit and still undercut small shops by a very wide margin and in this way Tesco will soon become the monopoly supplier in any area that they operate.

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John R said...

A clause in a bill somewhere making it illegal for anyone who is not a policeman (a real one not the plastic plod) to be able to demand ID from a citizen would shut up Al The Oily Fish and all the other little hitlers we encounter on a daily basis as we go about our lawful business.

Dioclese said...

Next they need to bring back traffic wardens and release the police to do what they should be doing - nicking crooks.

The witch from Essex said...

Most of the youngsters around here have got round the I.D. request in the supermarkets by the till staff if booze is presented at the checkout.
They don't bother going to the checkout and just shoplift the drink and straight out the door with it in their bag/pocket.
And before anybody says that it 'beeps' on exiting the store...It didn't when I nabbed my weekly bottle of Bailey's at the local Asda !!

The witch from Essex said...

Kids are wising up on this one. A bottle of blackcurrant cordial and a bag of sugar with a spoonful of yeast can easily produce 5 litres of 16% drinkable plonk.
Strong beer making is rife and most of the kids are very imaginative on ingredients. They freeze the wine and are left with 100% alcohol and toddle off out with a small flask to add to the 'soft drink' that they are allowed to have in pubs.

English Pensioner said...

But the government doesn't like these trades which g on at the pub, or indeed elsewhere. You should have gone to a builder to get your shed fixed and he should have charged you for it (plus VAT) and paid tax on his income.
When you fix a computer you should do the same (and so should I), but we don't.
Barter if one thing no government likes, it is worse than almost any other crime, including smoking!

Anonymous said...

Could still be paying for it anyway's if this is true

Sam said...

This is insanely paranoid

Anonymous said...

@John R

"A clause in a bill somewhere making it illegal for anyone who is not a policeman ... to be able to demand ID from a citizen ... "

No policeman should be able to demand ID from one of Her Majesty's subjects. It's not their job to demand ID from those who pay their salaries.

The police are the public, the public are the police - Sir Robert Peel's 7th Principle of Policing.

Stop gifting the police power over yourself - they are your servants not your masters. You pay their salaries. And stop pretending to gift the police power over me. It is beyond your competence to do so.

Have a nice day.


timmbone said...

How many citizens in the UK have a Driving License? A lot. When the 'picture' license came in, I remember thinking then, ID card by the back door. What prompted this thought was this. I have a driving license which is in effect an ID card, especially when I realise that it is invalid as a driving license without the piece of paper which accompanies it.

Leg-iron said...

The picture licence has the added advantage (to government) of having to be renewed every ten years. They neglected to mention that for almost ten years after they were introduced. Nobody noticed the expiry date.

ID cards would have been the same.

I used to have a driving licence in both English and Welsh. It was huge.

Leg-iron said...

Hello Sam.

Could you define 'insanely paranoid'?

Would it be something like believing there are people checking your bin, or worrying that you can be arrested for for littering dropping a penny?

Perhaps it would be something along the lines of believing that feeding ducks constitutes littering and will attract a fine, or that there are plans to stop smoking in private cars and homes?

I'm sure you can think of more examples. Do try.

Remember though, you're not paranoid when they really are out to get you.

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