Friday, 7 May 2010

It Lives!

The results are in for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. The banjo-playing, webbed-fingered hillbillies have overwhelmingly voted the Brown Gorgon back in.

Now I want the Lib Dems to win the entire election and set up all their experimental immigration camps in that one constituency. All of them. And fill the camps with those people that other countries regard as too dangerously insane for prison. Then let them all outside for a smoke.

Then take off and nuke it from orbit.

It's the only way to be sure.

Bugger it. I'm putting 'Resident Evil' in the DVD slot. It seems appropriate.

Update: I am torn. I also have a copy of 'Doom' and somewhere I have 'Frankenstein'. I think I'll stick with 'Resident Evil' for now.

I hope, tomorrow, I will have sufficient justification to watch 'The Fall of the House of Usher' once again. It's not looking likely. Those idiot Tories are letting the one-eyed pensioner-basher win. You know, the Gorgon didn't even bother to campaign in his own constituency. He knew the drones would vote as instructed. After all, it wasn't their ports he sold to France.


Michael said...

I had a choice of "deek" from the fkn newz or UKIP, coin toss decided it for UKIP. Sorry that the rest of my constituency are morons. :(

pnigotic said...

More importantly, how's the Lagavulin going down? Priorities, priorities!

Leg-iron said...

Ardbeg tonight, not Lagavulin.

That, and a big cigar, is hopefully for tomorrow.

John Pickworth said...


The buggers up there must really love him. Are they perhaps all driving around in free government provided Bentleys?

They increased his majority !!!

And now the fucker will escape scot-free ('scuse the pun) when the bills start dropping through their letter boxes it will be the eevil Tories who get the blame, not the twat who took out the ill-advised loans.

paul said...

I dont get it. How can anyone with an ounce of sanity vote for Broon?

Dioclese said...

Well, I did write them two open letters pointing out their historic opportunity to unseat a sitting PM - but clearly they are all stupid.

Although, possibly they cannot read due to crap Labour education policies?

Gendeau said...

I'm at a loss to work out what I want to happen, sometimes I consider the following options:

a) Camermong gets in, jettisons the scots (sorry, but your voting habits are beyond a fucking joke), the welsh can get lost if they so wish. Make the boundaries fair, call in the IMF to prove what that lying cunt has hidden off the book. Then call an election

b) zanupf + libdumbs poison their reputations forever by taking power, then the IMF come in after 3-6 months. Cue election

c) take off and nuke zanulaba and their voters from orbit - the only way to be sure

d) like a) apart from a surgical strike on camermong - he's a nice guy in the wrong fucking place. Let's try David Davis with some libertarian and conservative policies.

Other times I feel less kindly and want all politicians and activists to stuff satsumas in their mouths and hang themselves

Maturecheese said...

I know how you feel as the sheep around here (A poorly run borough in S Wales) returned Labour with a 2000+ majority. Talk about gluten for punishment. How appalling do Labour have to be before the penny drops?

I voted for UKIP and guess what, they came last, even the BNP beat them. There really isn't any hope left is there.

Gendeau said...

I held my nose and voted anti-laba to get the slimey incumbent out - didn't work.

Now I wish I'd voted for UKIP (probably) rather than give CMD any concept that he had my support.

If zanulaba and libdums take power it's time to knife CMD (humanely & quickly) and get a real leader.

The number of seats CMD lost by ignoring the subjects of immigration and europe is ridiculous. Especially as both are veritable cornucopia of savings opportunities.

And Dave, mate, AGW is DEAD - give it a fucking rest you mong. It'll be the gravestone to be placed over the economy (or whats' left of it)

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