Sunday, 23 May 2010

Civil Service Sieve Sensation.

Try saying that five times quickly - but don't do it while looking into a mirror or you'll call the Brown Gorgon and his Nosegoblins back from the nether regions. They will take all your money and disappear down the Pointless-Waste-R-Us shop with it.

Mrs. Queen is to make a speech. We know this because the Telegraph has a complete transcript of it and has seen fit to publish its contents. The Grauniad is incensed, presumably because they didn't get a copy.

I'd like to see Mrs. Queen get up into the big chair, open her bag, hand out copies of the Telegraph and then have a nice cup of tea while the MPs read the speech everyone else has already read. She might as well save her voice and it would show, very graphically, just how ridiculous the civil service has become.

The Cameroid and the Clegginator have inherited a civil service that cannot be trusted with even the most important of documents. Sure, Labour corrupted them, but they remain corrupt even now and the only way the new boys are going to sort it out is to blast that civil service apart.

If they can find the person responsible for the leak, might I humbly suggest threatening them with treason charges? Certainly, instant dismissal and some form of criminal prosecution must follow, and not just a slap on the wrist.

Remember, this civil service is the one that leaves databases on trains, leaks budgets ahead of schedule, and loses personal details, including bank details, of large numbers of people. It has to be stopped and that is not going to be achieved by little backroom chats with Sir Humphrey and a promise that it won't happen again if it's just hushed up this time. It will happen again. There are so many civil servants now that it is statistically inevitable that there are seriously dodgy people in there.

Cameroid, Clegginator, you have to get very nasty indeed with your suited minions because if you don't, the next leak might be the names and locations of secret service agents stationed in dangerous places, or the travel and school details of every member of every MP's family.

That civil service is a sieve. You cannot plug a sieve one hole at a time. If you don't want stuff leaking through it, there's only one solution.

Ditch the sieve. Entirely. Then replace it with a bowl.

A much smaller one.


passive smoker said...

Why is the queens speech a secret ?
I can appreciate that the budget speech should be kept secret as it might contain market sensitive details but not the queens speech.

O/T leggie. Did you watch 'The Scheme' on BBC ?
I thought you might have commented on it. See where all the benefits end up.

Anonymous said...

It's quite possible that a photocopier engineer substituted the innards of a government photocopier with a clone, during 'routine' maintenance.

The drum of a photocopier holds all copies of photocopies made during its lifetime.

So calls that this was a 'leak' by government are vacuous.

Leg-iron said...

passive smoker - it's not so much what was leaked, as that there was a leak at all.

Mrs. Queen's Speech is supposed to be the highlight of a new parliament and we'd all have heard it anyway - so why leak it?

It means that someone is passing on confidential information, probably for money and while the speech might not be a big deal, other things could be.

Consider the possibility of a crime gang offering this civil servant a large wad for, say, the bank details on everyone held by the tax office.

Leaks to the newspapers are only the ones we get to hear about. That's why it's important to put a stop to it, and to do it hard.

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - don't subsequent copies overwrite what's on the drum?

These days you don't need to go to such lengths anyway. These days, all you need is a USB stick.

Or even an SD card. You could hide that anywhere and it contains too little metal for a detector to find it.

Anonymous said...

I think Fausty may be referring to this

Modern photocopiers have a hard drive inside that stores a copy of everything ever copied

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure, Leg-Iron, but I've read recently that all images are available. I'll check this out.

USB sticks are the more likely vehicles of transmission, but my point about photocopiers was that virtually anyone could've been responsible for the leaks.

Leg-iron said...

Hard disks sound likely. All a technician would need to do is swap the disk.

Fausty - whoever is responsible, having such a leaky system is downright dangerous. The Cleggeron need to sort this out and fast and if that means making an example of the lax, the involved or the stupid, then they had better do so.

passive smoker said...

Leg iron- I appreciate what you're saying about the general carelessness with our documents. So that should be sorted out.
However, I see the Queens speech as a charade to let people think we have a functioning democracy . Government plans for the next parliament could be put online instead of wasting a day with black rods and people dressed in tights and fine coats.
Most of the cleggerons plans are subservient to the EU anyway. HIP's can't be fully scrapped as the EU requires the 'energy report'. And like most of the new legislation it isn't relevant in Scotland where home reports are still required. Tinkering with the UK Human Rights law is pointless as it is over ruled by the EU Human Rights court. Planning to give people a referendum if the Treaty is changed is a red herring as under the new treaty that gorgon signed the EU only requires 8 members to agree to changes before implementation is carried out compared to the old system of full agreement. The cleggerons aren't going to give us an 'in or out ' referendum so we will only be voting whether to accept changes that have already happened.
Scrapping of ID cards will save money but most of the personal info is already available online EU and US wide. Tackling the budget deficit is a good idea but £6Bn isn't here nor there and works out at about 3 weeks of government borrowing which is running at £170Bn per annum and giving us a debt of £900Bn rising to £1.4 trillion and beyond by 2012. It will never be paid off and can only be sorted out by declaring ourselves bankrupt and starting from scratch.
A change to the voting system would be good though. Millions voted in Scotland to keep the Tories out but like in the 18 years of the 1980's we have a Tory Prime Minister in London running the show with his helpers from the far left Lib Dems.
You couldn't make it up.

fausty - those photocopier hard drives will be full of people's bum pictures and household bills and leave applications etc. That's what most office copiers are used for.

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