Friday, 14 May 2010

True colours.

''We lost the election in England, not elsewhere, amongst so-called decent hard-working families who felt, especially working-class people, disconnected from the Labour Party."

One of the champions of the 'decent hard-working family', earlier.

They don't like you any more, you so-called decent hard-working families.

Well, to be honest, they never really did.


banned said...

Made oi larf hearing this joker accuse the Torylibs of acting 'unconstitutionally' with their fixed term proposals; pot calling...

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I can honestly only assume that Labour supporters are either getting something out of the deal or are incredibly, irrationally and wilfully stupid.

View from the Solent said...

Why do you assume that the two are mutually exclusive?

JuliaM said...

It's always amusing when the mask slips to reveal the gibbering horror lurking within, isn't it?

Stewart Cowan said...

I think Obo's right: two types of people (not always mutually exclusive).

I heard about a bloke who wanted to vote SNP but didn't because Labour's so good to him with benefits.

Other Labour voters are presumably just unthinking.

Labour just had to utter these keywords when talking:

Sure Start
Tory cuts
Tory cuts
Investment in schools
Tory cuts
Chris Grayling
Securing the recovery
Tory cuts

So, fear of the Tories comes in to it too, which is understandable considering the huge number of surrogate children the state is weaning. They will consider a red teat more appetising than a blue one.

Mrs Rigby said...

Ditto wot JuliaM said.

Anonymous said...

Why do they use the phrase "hard working families", as if people living alone aren't important? "Hard working people" wouldn't lose votes and might gain some. They don't have to believe it. This really put me off Labour.

Anonymous said...

It's been a fucking funny week, the most hilarious thing I think I've heard this millenium was Gordon on his way out - I'm going to see the queen to hand in my resignation. _should_she_decide_to_accept_it_ .....

My sides still hurt...


Chris said...

It's always amusing when the mask slips to reveal the gibbering horror lurking within, isn't it?

So, Hastur <===> Jackstraw?

It made him think of a frightful red-litten city and of the revolting procession that once filed through it; of that, and of an awful climb through lunar countryside beyond...

Obviously Blackburn. Suddenly it all makes terrible sense!


Anonymous said...

Like Anon 13.02, I’m also pretty fed up with politicians (of all colours) trotting out the old “hardworking families” mantra. What about all those of us who are equally as “hardworking” but don’t happen to have “families?” You know, all of us mugs who are busily “working hard” to cover for our absent “hardworking” colleagues who have gone off for the afternoon to see Junior in the nativity play, or who have to work the Christmas shift because we don’t have children, or who have to do their job while they’re off on maternity leave, or pick up the extra because they've dropped their hours, or who – go on, let’s say the unsayable here – have come back with only half their minds on the job and who, to be frank, probably aren’t worth having back around the place anyway – and wouldn’t be, if the law didn’t demand it.

Demon said...

They really are vermin, aren't they?

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