Saturday, 15 May 2010

Real life is a time-sapper.

Lots to do. I have 36 samples coming next week when I was expecting 18, I have a brand new lab freezer for free because I have to store the Stuff for the next hospital trial on C. difficile (and precious little space to put it into) and I have to get this blasted report out of the way before next week hits. No time for serious swipes at politics tonight. I have to be compos mentis for lab work tomorrow and I hope to get enough done to have time for a smoky-drinky tomorrow night. So it's a quickie with references to other people's posts.

The Great Repeal Bill is coming. When it arrives, will it reduce the constant torment of the smoker? Will it hell. I had the Jovial Witnesses at my door today and guess what the current comic is all about? 'How to quit smoking'. Even the JWs are at it now. I had immense difficulty persuading them that some of us don't quit not because of some demonic possession thing or terrible addiction. We don't quit for the same reason we don't stop drinking tea and coffee. We do it because we like it.

They were a little confused by Electrofag. I gave them some copies of New Scientist in exchange for their comics and sent them off to think about it.

The Odd Couple will do nothing to reduce the onslaught against smokers. Frank Davis has an excellent analysis of why. I think it might be worse than just the smug revenge of the born-again non-smoker. I think it might be that they are also finding it useful to have whole classes of whipping boys to distract people from their schemes.

Drinkers - do you think they will realise that the 'minimum pricing' idea is a load of rubbish? I think they already know it is but will do it anyway.

The green issues - now that we are midway through May and still getting snow and hard frosts, do you think they will question the Church of Climatology at all? Nope. Not even when all those volcanoes go pop, fill the air with dust, cool the planet... and we won't have any power stations.

This new administration looks like keeping the blogworld buzzing. They just need a few days to get themselves sorted out and then the proper lunacy can begin. The EU is already at it with demands to vet the UK budget even though we have proper money rather than their Euro nonsense.

Boatang and Demetriou say we should not relax for a moment but the removal of the Brown Gorgon and his gangster cabinet leaves me feeling as if an especially strong headclamp has been relaxed at last.

The next lot will turn the screw soon enough. For the moment, I intend to take full advantage of the lull while the warring factions gear up, replenish my energies and reload the sarcasm gun with blue and yellow bullets.

I'd better hang on to a few red ones too. They haven't finished bleating yet.


Stop Common Purpose said...

Keep an ear open for Scameron and Pals using the phrases "common good" and "common purpose".

As far as they are concerned, the welfare of the group is more important and individuals should not have rights that affect their idea of the "common good" - hence the smoking ban.

Anonymous said...

The UK signed and ratified the WHO FCTC against smoking. We are legally bound to carry out the persecution of smokers. There will not be, cannot be, a relaxation of the ban or repeal of the law, only extension. Cars, parks, beaches, outside pubs, streets, houses with children, multi-dwelling complexes (flats) will all be targeted soon for bans.

mario said...

OK so after two years I've been experimenting, modifying, muddying, testing and lastly making e-cigs they are going to ban them? Very democratic...
Are they going to refund me all the expenses?
Ohhh I will sell them without nicotine...

Chuckles said...

Anon, Your message is unclear.

How exactly is the WHO going to enforce anything? International Law has no force anywhere, unless someone with firepower decides it does.

The 'We signed up to this so now we have to enforce it defence is a 20 year old invention of 3rd graders and deranged leftists. Which are you suggesting we endorse? It is much easier to simply nuke them from orbit.

Leg-iron said...

Anon, the other EU countries are similarly legally bound. They ignored it. We employed a whole department of smoke Stasi to enforce it.

There is something very wrong with this country, much more than is wrong with the EU.

Even the EU have balked at the DNA database and the minimum-pricing ideas that have come out of our official asylum.

The EU might be a Very Bad Thing but our own government is far worse.

Mariothegreat said...

xLeg No, no, believe me! The European Gov is much worse, think that every state pay a percentage of around 1% of their gdp, and we're struggling to have it as improvement in our economy! Just in ten years it cost us more than 100 billions, they are the most large bureaucratic organism never made in history, they got a pension for every mandate they've got, there are billion spent in the most incredible ways, they are destroying UK culture, they're destroying the Europe jobs (productive jobs) they are reinforcing only Germany and France and I could continue till tomorrow..

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