Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Giving up virginity.

It's much harder than giving up smoking, where politics is concerned.

Both Obnoxio and Al-jahom reckon that joining the Labour party and then voting for 'Sweaty' Balls as leader would ensure that Labour drop into the Bog of Eternal Stench forever.

They are right. It is a good idea.

But - I can't. I've never joined a political party before and the first time, for me, cannot be Labour. It would be like submitting your virginity to Prescott the Hut, soon to be Lord Prescott of Bulimia and Chins.

I'd just feel so... dirty.

I agree with Mrs Rigby on this. It is a good idea but self-sacrifice can only go so far.

If you're made of sterner stuff, go for it.

As for me, I'm saving myself for a party that's a little more serious about the future.


Paul said...


Leg-iron said...

UKIP or Libertarian. Joining something goes so far against the grain that it won't be a quick or easy decision.

Curmudgeon said...

Just think how you would feel if you voted for Balls and in five years' time he became Prime Minister..

Antisthenes the Younger said...

I agree with Curmudgeon - it isn't a risk worth taking. Although the expression on other world leaders face's as they greet 'Prime Minister Balls' would surely be a sight to behold.

Anonymous said...

Vote Balls and risk castration

Anonymous said...

If Frank Field or Kate Hoey threw their hats in the ring, I'd join the LP and vote for one of them.

Anonymous said...

I am of the Marxian persuasion on this occasion; Grouch not Karl.

Any party which would allow someone like me to join is not worthy of joining.


Leg-iron said...

Curmudgeon - now that is a scary prospect. If there is one man in the world who could make us wish we still had the Gorgon...

Lupus - there might not be a party out there that would let me join!

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