Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Work, and spooky non-voting.

Another report done. In the absence of Big Jobs (the ones where I can take a month off afterwards) I'm doing lots of Little Jobs to keep the pennies rolling my way. It's a recession thing, I suppose. Nobody wants to fork out for a Big Job at the moment but they don't balk at anything below four figures - or even in the low four figures - and I can get through a few of those a week. The trouble is, it means lots of short reports and I can't invoice without a report so it's busy here.

I also need spare money for a greenhouse. Not a Tesco one, a proper one. Cheap ones just don't cut it, I don't want one that will fall apart in a few years and/or need constant maintenance. So I need to do a bit of extra accumulating. Which means I'll be sporadic unless I get lucky with a Big Job.

That said, time to go look for something to raise my ailing blood pressure. I can say one thing for Labour, they were the perfect daily treatment for low blood pressure. No pills, no doctors, all you needed was the news feed.

I see Spooky Madcow kept his job without a vote. Her Madness, the Princess of Dorries, is outraged (yawn. Again). I think he would have won the vote anyway but I still think they should have had a vote.

Winning a vote would give him credibility. Even if he only won by one, he would have been voted into the position.

As it is, he is now open to attacks of 'We didn't vote for you' from all sides. He's going to have to put up with that more and more. If he had won through a vote, it couldn't happen, the matter would be closed.

I think it was a big mistake not putting it to a vote. He would have won anyway, but he'd have won more than the vote. He'd have won some respect and legitimacy. He would also have no concerns about accusations of 'unelected'.

Well, it's too late now.

Not enough. I'm getting drowsy. There must be something out there.


subrosa said...

Please, please, get another Wee Job which will cover the cost of the erection of your greenhouse. I just can't thole the thought of you doing it yourself.

Anyway why do you want a greenhouse? Are you becoming one of these self sufficient nutters? I don't believe that for a minute... you're up to something. ;)

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - Some of the Smoky-Drinkers have experience putting up these things. All I have to do is supply the after-greenhouse booze.

Me? Up to something? Not in a greenhouse. Everyone can see...

Anonymous said...

robinsons are the best in greenhouses,good sturdy frames and no clips to rust and ping out.

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