Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Here we go again.

Once again, the Daily Panic puts up the 'booze cheaper than water' rubbish.

Once again, they compare a cheap beer with a bottled water bought only by people with loads of money and no sense at all.

Once again, then... Tesco will sell you two litres of their own-brand bottled water for about 15p.

Tell me where I can get two litres of beer for 15p. I won't buy it, it'll be terrible because the own-brand lagers cost far more than that and you're better off with a can of shandy, which costs more but tastes much better.

No supermarket sells beer cheaper than water. Nobody, anywhere, sells strong drink cheaper than water. It does not happen. It is all a lie.

Can we have a different lie next time? This one is getting really tedious now.

Oh, and all you furious publicans complaining about being undercut? That's not why I buy in the supermarket and drink at home. Here's a couple of clues - coldest winter for a very long time, still freezing out there, and I smoke.

You want smokers' support? Why? You didn't support us. Some did, sure, but most were only too happy to run us out of the bar and into the street. Now you're upset that we're no longer coming back inside. Well, you know, third hand smoke... we soon won't be allowed back inside anyway. Best get used to it.

On Friday you can ask the Cameroids what they plan to do about it. The answer will be... not a damn thing. They're too busy chasing foxes.

Maybe they'll notice when the pub they like to meet at is no longer open.


Anonymous said...

You're not going to believe this, LI. The "tough-as-old-boots" Aussies now want to ban drink-walking.

Leg-iron said...

Well, they still have that Ruddy idiot in charge.

I think they have a chance to dump him this year. Unless they have postal voting...

JuliaM said...

"The "tough-as-old-boots" Aussies now want to ban drink-walking."


tap water safer and cheaper said...

I can understand people buying bottled water in the middle east or in other countries where the local water supply is poor but never understand why they would buy it in the UK. So the 'cheaper than water 'thing has always baffled me. Fresh tap water will always be cheaper than beer. And be safer than bottled water which has more bugs in it. People buying bottled water have too much money to throw away.

Anonymous said...

Down here, Leg-Iron, you can get 2 litres of Tesco water for 10p.

I buy it only for the bottles. They're fantastic at withstanding the pressure of fermentation!

As for the water, contained therein, I pour it done the sink. It has no minererals. It's crap!

Mark Wadsworth said...

There was another tip top shock horror story in today's Metro that supermarkets are selling beer at below cost price. Well yippee! I'm not sure what's not to like about that.

Anyways, if the difference in supermarket-v-pub prices is tax driven, it's down to VAT, and not alcohol duty. It's like a tea bag in the supermarket costs a couple of pence but a cuppa in a cafe costs at least 60 pence or something - it's not comparing like with like.

Plus re smoking ban, agreed, if they want my custom they can sort out a nice covered, heated smoking area.

J Demetriou said...

hahahahaha Very good article. Love the tone it's written in, very amusing.
Agree with every word, of course!


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Leg-Iron - you are definitely going to feel an urge to write about this one - a prosecuted drinky-smoky found ... NOT GUILTY!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha::

Right up the arse for the righteous.

English Pensioner said...

I'm a non-smoker, but I fully agree with you. Pubs have also lost people like me, I'm not a lone drinker and if I need to see a friend who smokes we meet in one of our homes. If they choose not to smoke in my home, this is politeness, not because of a dictat from do-gooders.

Mick Turatian said...

...They're too busy chasing foxes

The anti-hunting mob are just the anti-smoking mob in red coats.

Anything that rolls back an incursion on individual liberty has to be a good thing.

A selective libertarian is no libertarian.

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