Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Testing policies in Scotland.

Maggie the Thatch tested her poll tax in Scotland before inflicting it on England. The Tiny Blur tested his smoking ban on Scotland before inflicting it on England.

Now, a party wants to inflict a 'localised immigration' policy on Scotland to test it, before letting these mini-gulags loose on England.

It's not Labour. They have consistently lied, and are still lying, about immigration as ably demonstrated by Nigel Farage, speaking straight into the hideous face of Phil Woolyass. Mr. Farage is made of sterner stuff than me if he can keep his lunch down while looking at a face resembling a melted plastic bucket containing Ken Dodd's teeth. Woolyass made up a new number on the spot, unfortunately it was twice the number his boss had made up earlier. Thirteen years of lying and they still haven't learned to be consistent about it.

The party that wants to test their new immigrant gulag idea on Scotland is one that has been popular here, one mentioned in passing at the bottom of that article. Tomorrow I must make an effort to let the locals know about this before they vote on Thursday. I doubt I can get very far but I will do my best to make a dent. If any of the other candidates are listening, if anyone is thinking of voting Lib Dem in Scotland, this is something to be aware of.

Nick Clegg plans to set up camps of immigrants, little ghettoes and gulags, in selected towns.

He plans to do this in Scotland, nowhere else, just Scotland.

Remember Maggie's Poll tax? Remember the smoking ban? Get ready for the Camps.

As far as any of those parties are concerned, Scotland is a testing ground for idiotic policies.

Vote for someone else. Even SNP. They come up with silly policies too but at least they have to stay in the country they're applying them to.

Nick Clegg is going to do a Maggie and a Tony on Scotland. Drop the stupid policy at the border and run away.

They are all the same. Vote for a real change. Anyone but those three.

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Chris said...

Scotland really is just one expendable free fire area to these people, ain't it?

(MOD firing and bombing ranges, grouse moors, testbed for the latest lunatic policy from Uncle Joe's old playbook, you name it...)

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