Thursday, 9 September 2010

Schrodinger's Blogger.

Busy packing and doublechecking the packing for tomorrow. We'll be miles from anywhere, so if I've forgotten anything, that'll just be too bad.

Whisky is packed, tobacco, Electrofag (accommodation is bound to be non-smoking, no point even asking). Fishing gear, cameras...

I'm sure I've forgotten something.

Internet access is unlikely and I don't have one of those internet phones so until Monday night, I am simultaneously here and not here unless someone looks.

I won't be reading any news so there might well be a huge blast of rage when I catch up on Monday. Hard hats at the ready.

Let's see... whisky, tobacco, Electrofag... no, can't think what else I'd need.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Go on L-I, make us all jealous!

Hope you have a tranquil, smoky and drinky trip. And catch one or two, obviously ;-)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Umbrella, in case you want to go outside for a smoke and it's raining.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...


Oh and chocolate.

William said...

Happy midge killing!

JuliaM said...

", can't think what else I'd need."

Me neither! Have a good break! :)

Captain Ranty said...

Not taking your banana-hammock, then?

Oh well, there's no accounting for style.



Anonymous said...

Avon Skin so Soft in case the midges complain about passive smoking.

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous time! I will miss you :)

Snowolf said...

Blow-up doll?

Puncture repair kit?

Electric cattle prod?

Complete works of Enid Blyton?

Leg-iron said...

I knew there was something - 'Join the Resistance' fridge magnets. Printing now. There will be stops along the way.

I also checked underwear but it's fine, I changed on the first of the month. Brown ones with 'February' written on them. Well, sometimes I forget and the months don't coincide any more.

I have a feeling they weren't always all brown, you know.

Snowolf - Smokers don't have blow-up dolls. A) we have no puff and b) we are blighted by the Dreaded Trouser Floppiness.

In reality, the Dreadful Arnott only thinks that way because every man she meets is mysteriously unable to perform. So it's not her, it's the smoking, whether they smoke or not.

Those Enid Blyton books though - phwoar! Thinly veiled porn, all of them. You just need the right sort of mind to see it.

Or the wrong sort, depending on your perspective.

Frank Davis said...

Hey, Leggy! Did you know you're banned in California libraries?!

I checked in on Frank's latest post (natch) and then TRIED to head on over to see what Leg Iron was scribing about via the link (natch again). Leg Iron's page was blocked. I was outraged. I spoke to the librarian at the desk to no avail. It was over her pay grade. It's all over for the U.S. now. Our manic desire to curtail smoking has led us into becoming a censored land no different from those places we criticize and invade "to make free"

I'm jealous already.

subrosa said...

Toothbrush. And check out the freezer facilities in your place of residence just in case you do catch one or two. It's an expensive time on the Tay.

If I'd thought earlier you could have popped in for a coffee en route. Smoking permitted here, in fact it's actively encouraged.

Barking Spider said...

Drink enough of that whisky and the midges will leave you alone, LI, the last insect stupid enough to bite me is still drying out! ;-)

Kynon said...

Enjoy your weekend sir!

I am Stan said...

Yo Leggy,

Hoppers and daddy longlegs fish well at this time of year,and worms of course,worms always fish well,lob worms not red worms.and shrimp.

Dont forget your flask!

I am Stan said...

Oh!.... take plenty of rizla papers,its inconvenient to say the least when you run out of rizla`s in the middle of nowhere,newspaper is a very poor substitute.

Tight lines...:)

Furor Teutonicus said...

JUICES for electro fag?

Bucko said...

OT but drunk and checking my stats. It seems 1639 people have viewed my blog from your link. Shit.
Looks like I owe you a beer.
You'll have to be quick, I'm at the bar now....

Dave H. said...

Gah! It's either Schrödinger or Schroedinger.

Totally undermines any point that you can try to make in your entire mortal existence.

I'm off to recover from last night.

Unknown said...

JJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leg-iron said...

Dave H - It's a quantum 'e'


Leg-iron said...

Frank - if they ban me, they don't know what I'm saying about them.

So I don't have to worry about a visit from the Governator.

Leg-iron said...

Stan - always excess papers. The local cheapo shop sells them in packs.

The best part is, they aren't licenced to sell tobacco so they never wonder why I buy papers and filters and no baccy.

They also sell bongs and those rolls of tobacco papers that you can tear off to whatever length you like.

I have no idea what those things are for (best psycho-innocent look adopted).

Leg-iron said...

William - outdoor non-smoking areas are midge conservation zones. I won't spoil their fun ;)

In fact I will be happy to drive more midges and wasps into those conservation areas.

You could call me ecologically aware. Or you could call me an evil bastard.

It depends where you're sitting at the time.

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