Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mrweebl just earned hero status.


JuliaM said...

A bit late, but still good! :D

Unknown said...

You've been on the good stuff again, haven't you LI? Funny chit you posted.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Weebl has his own site

Check out Magical Trevor, he's my favourite

Leg-iron said...

These new widescreen videos are a pain. They don't fit in Blogger's page format.

Anyone know how to fix it?

PC - I found his site but it's dangerous. I could waste whole days in there!

Pavlov's Cat said...

If you switch to Windows Live Writer to compose your blog posts , you can resize the videos by dragging in the corners , the same with photo's

or using the new Blogger Template Designer you can widen out your overall column size (ooer Mrs) so they fit

Thomas Hobbes said...

keep up leggy!

you'll be telling us you've never heard of next

Gordon really is the Wanky Shit Demon

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