Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Silence of the Blogs.

Late at the lab, home for a quick disinfect and then out to Smoky-Drinky. Big sample load next week so there'll be no recreation next weekend. Hence I am late this evening. There are some very interesting tips in Email which I will look at tomorrow when I am less tired and less chilled. It was an evening heavily dominated by the Glenmorangie, with that wonderful thermocline of blue smoke that was once a feature of certain pubs in the days before Puritanism took hold.

For tonight, all I have to say is that both the Big Yin and Angryteen have quit blogging for serious real-life reasons. They will be missed. If you have time, call over and say goodbye to both.

I can't stop writing. I don't know how.

I suppose it's another of those 'addictions' we hear so much about. Never mind, there'll be a Righteous along any minute to tell me about a writing patch I can wear, or writing support groups where we snap pencils and shred blank sheets of paper all day. Anyone reading is exposed to second-hand writing and will suffer terrible afflictions such as thoughts, ideas and imagination.

Then they'll deal with the terrible addiction to thinking that afflicts so many...


JuliaM said...

"Anyone reading is exposed to second-hand writing..."

You have to do a bit more than be walking along the street to be exposed to that, though.

Not that that'll stop them. And ideas are far more dangerous to them than second-hand smoke (which isn't threatening at all)...

joe said...

It is going a little quiet L.I.Do you believe the reasons the quitters give?Or maybe thay have just run out of words..If you run out of wards or lose interest,you can always take a break,but quit?

Boatang and Demetriou,touch on this in their own way, L.I.Ranting Rab and constantly furious,the latter i didn't read much anyway,and now the more recent bloggers you mention.

And just incase you havn't noticed,L.I. you can now find my ramblings here..

Anonymous said...

"...the addiction to thinking that afflicts so many."

Nah, they've cracked that one...


RantinRab said...

Now that I think about it, I'm just taking a sabbatical.

I'll be back, just don't know when. The bastards aren't getting away with it this easy.

ArtCo said...

Anyone reading is exposed to second-hand writing and will suffer terrible afflictions such as thoughts, ideas and imagination.

Its on the way LI , we're fucked as a country.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Maybe blogging has gone a bit quiet because there's not much in the news and Labour - who we loved to hate - are no longer in government?

We now have to work out all the reasons for hating the Lib-Cons - or more to the point, establish firmly and beyond doubt that they are not in the slightest bit different in anything but the presentation.

joe said...


You are exactly right,there isn't much in the MSM.Thats because the puppet masters and the serfs have what they want.

Anonymous said...

The BBC(Today) has a report from the British Beer and Pub Association.BBPA
"893 village pubs closed in 2009
due to the recession and taxes"

Worse still, the average comprehensive educated dipstick landlord will actually quote those
excuses for his near empty pub.

What do we do ?

Where are the Battlers .?

Frank Davis said...

I can't stop writing. I don't know how.

It's the same with me. I've been writing every day for 40 years, mostly in a diary/journal that nobody ever read.

If I were to stop blogging, I'd just go back to writing a diary. It's therapeutic, somehow, to write things down. It's like casting out demons. And I'm always casting out demons. I seem to have plenty enough of them.

Eddie Douthwaite said...

Have a look at this Press Release by Freedom To Choose(Scotland)

Amusing Bunni said...

It is very sad that good people or their loved ones have life altering medical problems or other things that alter their hobbies.

I wish them all the best. I think I'll always keep my blog up and post a little something, no matter what, if not to amuse myself and have a place to go to watch all my favorite video's and access all my fav links.

Have a nice weekend, LI, and enjoy the relaxation.

Frank Davis said...

More news about your California ban, Leggy.

I'm still jealous, though.

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