Wednesday, 15 September 2010

When the best bit is at the end.

A good ending is crucial to a video, and the Righteous provide some very good endings indeed.

Take a look at this one, in which Ronald Reagan issues a clear ultimatum to striking air traffic controllers. No messing about, no bleating about reaching a compromise. Get back to work or get lost.

That last line is a belter. 'He seems convinced that being tough is what the public wants'. The man with the two-tone hair is trying to convince the American public that what they want is not a tough leader but something with less spine than a herring fillet. We have those leaders now and really, they are no use at all.

I don't know about anyone else but speaking for myself, I will never follow a 'leader' who is cowardly and full of compromise when faced with a threat. Leaders should be strong and determined and should not bow down when threatened. With the herring fillets we have had in charge of this country for so long, we now have a situation as shown in the second of our two short films of the evening. It won't change. The herring fillet dynasty continues.

Again, the ending is the best part.

Just in case any police happen by, the correct response when given an order by a member of the public to stop another member of the public filming, is that filming in a public place is legal and you have no authority to stop them.

The worst possible response is to accept an order from an unidentified masked person and then harass someone behaving perfectly legally, while making up some bell-end of a story about it not being allowed but you're not sure why. That officer brings the entire police force into disrepute. She is far from being the only one.

If any police do happen by, would you be so kind as to explain to us all exactly which members of the public are empowered to give you orders, and which are there solely to be harassed on the basis of those orders? If we wear a black cloth pillar-box, are we then higher in authority than you? If we are behaving legally but not wearing said pillar-box, why are our protestations ignored and why is it just fine and dandy for you to lie to us and make up your own laws on the spot? We'd really like to know where we all stand on this one.

The police worry that they are losing the respect of the public and have their heads so far in the sand they cannot imagine why that might be. The ACPO try to scare us by telling us that there will be fewer of these Wild West uniformed morons on the street. From that video, there is one who can be safely sacked because all she is doing is enforcing the will of a random stranger on another random stranger, with no reference to the law at all. That is not policing. You can get the same effect by slipping 'Thumper' McVicious a fiver and pointing at someone. And he doesn't expect a pension either.

If there are to be fewer police, that can only be a good thing. They'll have to concentrate on their actual jobs and they'll have less time to harass non-criminals at the behest of masked strangers.

I'll bet she demanded ID from the photographer while not even asking to see her boss's face.

Who do you work for? If it's not me, why am I paying you?

It really is past time those questions were answered.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Indeed! I watched the video to the end and up popped my ex-Leader Lord Pearson, being totally un-PC and as loveable as usual!

Smoking Hot said...

l love confronting these idiotic Police/C3PO's but have decided to get them recorded on video in the future. To this end l've acquired a covert body camera. lt really is quite astounding how good it is and only cost £20 from Hong Kong. lnteresting times ahead.

Leg-iron said...

Mark - it's a strange world when 'un-PC' is the new phrase to replace 'telling the truth'.

But then the Righteous, in all their forms, fear the truth more than anything else.

Leg-iron said...

Smoking Hot - is that the one that looks like a button? I've been considering getting one of those.

Smoking Hot said...

Leg Iron ... l'll send you some info tomorrow. :)

PT Barnum said...

My overwhelming impression from that video was of so many moobs and beer guts...wobbling in time to the chanting... If that's the future it is ugly, in all ways.

JuliaM said...

"The police worry that they are losing the respect of the public and have their heads so far in the sand they cannot imagine why that might be. "

They've been told why time and time again, when they have blogs that accept comments from members of the public.

Most of them don't really want to hear the reasons why, though.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

"losing the respect of the public"

To do that, it would be necessary for them to have the respect of the public. The police have long since pissed that away.

Johnnyrvf said...

Just a point, I can look it up to confirm, however I read that in 2009 the European Court of Justice found it a CRIMINAL offence to try to stop people filming/taking photos under section 44 of the terrorist bill unless there is a REAL suspicion of Terrorist connections e.g. as ratified by MI5, the C.I.A. and other reputable intelligence agencies, just tell them that the are acting illegally and you wish to take their name and number so as to report them for acting in an illegal manner. The person who took this affront to court was given 30.000 + Euros compensation and should this be applied to all the 226.000 + illegal arrests for this completely legal activity the Police forces of the U.K. would owe more than 9 Billion Sterling in compensation to the injured parties. As to the excuse "we are Muslims", someone should take that idiot aside and explain why ALL citizens (and what is to say that Muslim was a legal citizen?) are equal under the law.

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